How To Increase Your Ranking By Building Brand Mentions

How To Increase Your Ranking By Building Brand Mentions

Social networking is the hottest trend of the day. It is expected that social media will lead the digital marketing techniques in the upcoming future. Nowadays people are active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to see what their family and friends are doing in their day-to-day life. The main goal for adding social media with any of the marketing strategies is that it is one of the effective tools to increase your ranking by building brand mentions. It is the best way of growing a brand’s reputation online. You can use brand mentions tools to build brand mentions in a shorter period of time.

What Is A Brand Mention?

This is the first question that comes up to your mind after you read the title of this article. If a customer searches for specific products or services on an online platform, and it is displayed on the first page of his or her search, we call it a brand mention. When your business page reaches the first page of the search engine, it will get more clicks and views. The base to brand mention is that your business name and the brand is the talk of the town when any product or service your business deals is searched for. To do brand mention is you need to search for the sources. After finding the source, you can start with Build brand mentions increasing ranking.

Why Use Brand Mentions?

Drive organic traffic: Normally, marketers use link building to increase their ranking and attract more customers. But, you cannot promise that link building will increase popularity on a search engine. When you use brand mentions you can drive more organic traffic.

Updated search guidelines: Google's search quality guidelines are always changing their ranking algorithm to deliver good quality results. When you go for brand mentions, you can flow according to the updated search guidelines.

Ways To Get Brand Mentions

Getting your brand mentioned on another site can be a daunting task especially for newly developed websites. Here are some tips that can help you to get started.

Increase Your Social Media Presence: Brand mentions happen on social media because this platform offers a vast landscape of digital interactions through sharing, discussions, referencing, and commenting. It is the best platform to grow brand promotions.

Guest Blogging: This method is used to build backlinks, but it also offers top-notch information about your website to others. It helps grow brand mentions. If your business is mentioned in more places, then it more likely grows.

Social Campaigns: A well-planned social media campaign can create a huge buzz around a particular brand. This strategy is a little bit tough because you need to find your audience and create a campaign that resonates with their interests. You can use tools like Google Analytics to find information about audience demographics and psychographics.

Build Your Brand: Website owners and digital marketers create a personal brand and can leverage it to grow the business brand. Mentioning the name of the brands in blogs, guest blogs, and offline mentions can increase your brand exposure.

Engage In Discussions In Communities And Forums: Forums play an important role in increasing mentions. Platforms like Quora, Linkedin, and Reddit offer chances for you to make brand mentions directly. This is because the forums let participants discuss the brand that creates an organic presence that stirs interest from a larger audience.

Keep Adding Content To Your Site: Content is the best marketing technique to build good quality links. Alterations in Google algorithm have shifted marketing efforts in the direction of content. When you grow your content, you can increase your brand authority, discussion, trust, and reputation.

Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews: Reviews are the best way to start building brand recognition and boost the chances to receive brand mentions. Based on the way you respond to reviews, visitors can be influenced to take action on your website. Your customers can leave reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, G2 Crowd, Trustpilot, and Google My Business.

Collaborate With Influencers: For building mentions, you can get help from influencers to increase your rankings. Influencers are the best source of brand mentions because they offer reviews about your business to a newer audience group.

Find The Source Of Brand Mentions: For driving natural growth and higher website rankings, brand mentions carry a high value. Monitoring your brand will help you understand how the audience sees your business and how they are using it.

Filter Mentions And Keep Track Of Your Brand Awareness: If you are having a lot of junk mentions, use filters, and segments. If you know about filtering mentions, it is easy to filter them and have an exact view of your brand magnitude all over the digital platform.

Turn Brand Mentions Into Links: In this final step, you have to put all your skills into practice, by turning unlinked branded text into links.


Using brand mentions is the hottest trend, businesses operating in digital medium need to adapt the practice if they want to reach their target audience and increase ranking on SERPs listings. Use this article as a guide to build brand mentions to increase your web exposure.

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