How to select the right technology stack for web application development

How to select the right technology stack for web application development

For the clients, the right technology is important to deliver high performance of the application thereby proliferating more and more business. The technology stack is a set of tools and frameworks that are used in the development of a software product and consists of a very specific set of components that works together to create a functioning web application.

It consists of two main parts – The front-end/Client-side and The back-end/Server-side Choosing the right web technology stack is a tedious task and requires certain efforts and options for analysing the project requirements and specifics. Certain parameters to take into consideration before choosing the right web stack –

1. Project Size – One of the prominent factor for determining the right stack. The Size and complexity of project determines the stack.

  • Small projects, can be created via Python-Django or ready-made solution, such as Word Press.
  • Mid-size projects, requires a more complex stack with different languages.
  • Large projects, such as global marketplaces, requires maintenance, scalability and other complex combination of core technologies.

2. Time to market - Third-party integrations speed up the development process and reduce the time to market. If the team is familiar with the tools, they will get started more easily and spend less time on the project.

3. Scalability- The tools and technologies you use have different scalability potentials and the tools you choose for your technology stack may have different scalability potentials and possibilities.

  • Scale up/Vertical Scalability – add other software for new tasks
  • Scale out/Horizontal Scalability – handle increased volumes of requests

4. Cost of development – The availability of developers and the technology they are working upon affects the cost of development.

5. Adherence to Requirements – Know your problems and the technology that will provide the solution to its fullest.

6. Successful stacks – Every project is unique and consists of different requirements and involves different technologies in bringing up the successful projects.

7. Technology trends & support - Know the latest Technology to get an idea about how future-proof technologies are. The Tools, Languages & Frameworks are should set your projects in motion. 

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