How To Set Up Paid Ads For Multiple Business Locations

How To Set Up Paid Ads For Multiple Business Locations

If you are a fast growing business having a franchise in multiple locations or in case you have a virtual business and are looking to attract customers from different locations then optimizing your advertising campaigns for a variety of locations can help increase your reach to a wide extent. 

In this article, we will explore why exactly you should set up ads for multiple business locations, what the best strategies are to accomplish that, and how to further optimize the process to expand your audience reach and convert more visitors for your business page. We have also included a basic primer on geo-targeting and some related tips to choose a suitable location to get the best returns on your investment. 

Reasons Why You Should Run Paid Ads for Multiple Locations

If you have been setting up all your ad campaigns in a single location itself then you are probably missing out on customers that are based outside that region who may be interested in what you have to offer. In case you have a virtual business with the capacity to offer your products or services anywhere then you should be capitalizing on the digital reach offered by geo-targeting.

If you optimize your paid social media campaigns with a view to target such users across different locations, you will increase your reach and, consequently, your conversion as well as revenue. So before we start setting up our ads for multiple locations, it is imperative to identify which locations exactly to target. The following paragraphs offer a simple, logical strategy to find a location that is most compatible with your business needs and goals. 

Steps to Run Ads in Different Locations

Once you are ready with your research and have a few locations in mind, just follow these simple steps to set up paid ads for multiple locations. These particular steps will guide you through creating your first paid search campaign. They will also teach you how to monitor the analytics after your marketing campaigns have been launched. If you have already done this before, then feel free to skip ahead to straight away step 3 for instructions on adding multiple locations in a single paid search campaign itself. 

1. Come Up With Unique Targeting Keywords

When you are looking to target individuals or key audience that is based in different regions, you will need some unique targeting keywords for each location that you are setting up your campaign in. 

If you are selling the same products or services everywhere, simply swap the location field in order to generate new targeted keywords. You can do it like [your business] near [your target location], this was the most simple format you could use. 

2. Set Up a Single Location Targeting Campaign

Now that you have your best advertisement campaign keywords ready, it is finally the time to set up paid search campaigns for your business. Start by visiting the Campaigns section which you will find in the Google Ads menu. If this is your first paid ad project, then you need to select “Create a Search campaign.” However, in cass you have already set up an ad campaign before and just need to edit the locations, then simply go to the Settings and click on Locations. After that, you can select a region of your own choice to target the users living there in that location. 

3. Start Adding Multiple Locations to Your Campaign

Once you have set up a single location campaign, it is now time to choose to add, remove, or edit multiple locations. You simply need to click on the Edit option next to a campaign and then click on Change Locations to add your preferences. You will see two options that is one for changing the current region and another for adding some new locations for the very same campaign. Select the latter one because now you can add as many locations as you want. 

For example, if you already have a paid search campaign for “parlours in Mumbai” and you want to expand it to Chennai, Delhi, and Pune then you can add these locations in the Change Locations options. Simply click on it and enter the names or respective zip codes. 

4. Add Locations in Bulk

What if you have a large or primarily virtual business and you want to add multiple locations as quickly as possible? There will be a bulk add option for you to do that. It is created specifically for franchise businesses as well as virtual service providers keeping multiple locations in mind. This option can instantly and significantly boost your reach with minor regional tweaks to achieve your campaign goals. 

You simply need to click on the blue icon on your campaigns page. Post that, select Add Multiple Locations and then you can bulk add up to 1000 locations. This will further amplify your reach as well as save time in the entire process. Do not forget to use the spreadsheet mentioned in the previous section in order to create a database of your desired locations. Then simply copy paste the data into your paid search campaign advertisement settings as described here and you're done. 


This process might seem complicated in the beginning but it is actually quite easy. If you spend enough time in monitoring the trends by studying your analytics, and experimenting with new locations, then you can discover what really works best and spend more capital to amplify it.

However, going through the above steps and implementing the successful paid marketing campaigns can be quite challenging. This can happen especially if you are a small team or a busy business that does not have much time or energy to invest in the complexities of marketing. Even if that is the case then don't worry because all is not lost. You can still take benefit of multi location advertisements by choosing to have someone else manage your advertisement campaigns.

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