Mobile Web vs Mobile App: Which is best for your business

Mobile Web vs Mobile App: Which is best for your business

When the whole business scenario is taken into account globally – then we realize that how important it has become to adopt a mobile based strategy for business. As, the desktop only users are overtaken by the mobile only internet users, and the figure of this mobile only internet users is increasing day by day. As a result it has compelled the business to shift to a mobile based strategy.

The companies are aware of the fact that not only the number of desktop users have been overtaken but also the mobile users have surpassed the users of desktop. So even after knowing this fact how could the companies stay away from the mobile website and apps? The Web Development companies have come up with the mobile websites to help the companies come in contact with their users.

But even in mobile strategies, their is a huge difference that whether the companies should go with mobile apps or the mobile websites. Moreover this same question that whether mobile apps are better for business or mobile websites are better, is the very topic of this article.

Before drawing a conclusion that what is better apps or websites we should focus on different domains as both are mobile based and it is Mobile App and web developers behind building these strategies.


What is the difference between mobile apps and mobile websites? So here they are – A mobile website is exactly what it sounds like – a browser based HTML pages which are linked together. So, what is an app? Oh, you all know it. Coming back to the website, the websites are designed by the website development companies to fit according to the different screen sizes and layouts. Also, responsive websites re increasingly gaining popularity. The mobile websites like the traditional websites can display content, images, videos, data and also has mobile restricted features like make a call or location based mapping.

Whereas an app is an application downloaded in your phone and you can even download the content and save it for later use. You can use the data even when you don’t have an internet connection.


To be very honest the answer to this question depends on you and your goals and also on the users whose needs you want to cater to. For example if you are an app kind of person or if you are into developing apps then without a second thought building a mobile app for your company will be the best possible option. But if you want to reach the maximum audience and your goal is to offer mobile friendly content then website is your answer.

To speak in general, building a mobile website should be your first step towards your business and then you should think about building an app. Mostly because an app is used to cater to some specific needs of the people and may not reach the desired amount of audience.


  1. A mobile website can be easily upgraded.
  2. Mobile websites are easier to use and also they are less expensive.
  3. A website can be easily supported and maintained.
  4. A website cannot be deleted and has a long life whereas if your app is not useful and unique then the app may shut down.
  5. A website may even act like an app just like the standard website – that is the websites can be developed as database driven mobile applications.


  1. For highly interactive games, apps are the best.
  2. If your users are going to use the app on a regular basis then you should go with apps.
  3. If you want to manipulate data with complex calculations then app is there to help you.
  4. An app can even work without an internet connection.
  5. You even get the facility of push notifications.


In your business you can make the best use of both – the apps and the websites. With the help of both you can reach the desired amount of audience. You can also take help of the leading Website development companies like Techasoft.

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