Most critical mistakes you may commit during Mobile Application Development

Most critical mistakes you may commit during Mobile Application Development

Mistakes are indications that we are learning, but making mistakes when businesses are dependent on you or when you are building applications as a mobile app development company, maybe for your own company or for other clients it may prove to be critical and cause a blunder.  

Also you may wonder that once you have built an app, it is not functioning properly – Why? The most genuine reason could be that you have committed some mistakes which prevented your app from running successfully. These mistakes may lead you to bear unforeseen costs and expenditures and you may also suffer a loss.

The app may also not run successfully if you ignore things like – target audience, audience visibility, and important functions. Ignoring these may result in app failure, even if you have a dedicated and professional team.

So in this article you are going to learn about all the mistakes that people generally tend to commit while developing apps. Also, I have mentioned three categories of mistakes as identified by the leading mobile app development companies like Techasoft:

  1. User Interface and User Experience (UI / UX Mistakes)
  2. General Mistakes
  3. Solutions.


1) Not being able to identify the need of the appThe most critical mistake one can commit while app development is not knowing the reason for building the app at the first place. Even before you start to think about codes, do the right analysis and perform the market research. The companies should also be able to define the needs and motive of their apps, that is – What problems will your app solve? What will lead the users to use your app? Why will they continue using it? Knowing the answers to this questions will save the companies from a blunder.

2) Too many features in an appYou may want to include all the features you can think off, in your app and think that the audience will love it, but including too many features from the starting may end up making your app heavy and make it a jack of all traits and master of none. So instead try including features slowly in your app and make sure that every features functions according to the expectations.

3) Too much of font in a single appThe most common UI mistake is that the developers assume that applying too many fonts in a single app will appeal the users but no, the truth is applying too many fonts in your app will make it look messy. Make sure that the app doesn’t have too much of fonts, is simple and attractive.

4) Making the display screen messy by showing all the featuresPeople may get confused if the developers display all the features on the display screen, instead of making it easier for them. So the developers should clearly prioritize what they want to show on the display screen of the app. The display screen of the app should be alluring.

5) Not Beta testing the appsThe most common mistake is not beta testing the app before launch. Ignoring this valuable perspective of the app may make the developers unaware of the issues of the apps like UI glitches, bugs and even high level flaws. All this may lead to the doom of the app.

6) Underestimating the value of advertisementAdvertisements are important and people will only be able to know about your app if they hear about it, so make sure to advertise about your app.

7) Building an inflexible applicationFrom the start of the planning of the app make sure you don’t make the app too rigid as once you make the app public you will be receiving the real world feedback, so the app should be upgradable to provide better service to the users. A rigid app may not be liked by people and they may not use it.  


As, now you have learnt the most critical mistakes committed during the app development, you may stay away from committing these mistakes. You can also take help of the leading mobile app development companies like Techasoft to help you in you application building. 

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