Significance Of UI/UX Design In Mobile Applications

Significance Of UI/UX Design In Mobile Applications

Imagine a life without smartphone. And now imagine a smartphone without mobile applications. Both conditions seem impossible in today’s situation.

Mobile applications play an integral part in people’s day-to-day life. There are numerous mobile applications related to finance, healthcare, food, travel, retail, education, news, etc. And Mobile App developers like Techasoft develop such mobile applications for a business like yours. 

Mobile App store has much to offer so that users will always choose to download the ones that suit them the best. If you wish your mobile applications to be your customer’s choice, what you need is a Mobile App which is good enough to catch their attention, and engaging enough to keep them hooked. And for this purpose what you require is a proper Mobile App UI/UX Design.

I am assuming, you already know the importance of developing a mobile application for any business, for your business. If you are doubtful, check our blog Why Your Business Needs Custom Mobile Application 

So, now that you know how important having your mobile app is, you should also know how your mobile application is developed. Remember that the process of app development is also of utmost importance to determine the final result. Capital is not the only thing; time also needs to be spent so that you yourself check the process of your app being developed. You need to put some time to put forth your ideas and concepts and expectations from your app to your app developer company. In this condition, you’ll be mostly dealing with UI/UX designers.

What I want to explain today is the importance of the UI/UX designs, and how much of a vital part of your mobile app they will be. 

A unique UI/UX design in a mobile application is the key towards a successful mobile application. So then what exactly is a UI/UX design?

Much often UI and UX are terms which are used together so that we tend to think of them either as one or an interchangeable term. But, news flash! Both the terms are different and play a different, nonetheless a significant role in a mobile application?

Do I sound much confusing? Am I heavy on Jargon? So, Let’s break it down in layman’s language. Shall we?

What Is UI?

UI stands for User Interface. A UI design is that which allows a user to interact with the mobile application. Simply put, the user can give some input and the application then shows some output. UI is about outward appearances i.e. how your mobile application looks like and how does it work. It is that which you can see or hear. The UI is the factor that will initially attract a customer towards a mobile application. A UI designer will understand your requirements and vision and accordingly prepare a UI design to suit your taste.

What Is UX?

UX stands for User Experience. A UX design is the complete experience of the user while interacting with the mobile application. Simply put, the user feels good while using an app, or he might feel some shortcomings, that explain a UX design. UX is about the experience of the user i.e. how the user feels after using the mobile application. It is about sentiments and feelings and even attachments in some cases. The UX is the factor that shall retain the customer which is attracted by the UI. A UX designer will carry out research and tests and get feedbacks from you so as to improve and prepare a UX design to improve your overall experience.

Significance Of UI/UX Design In Mobile Application

  • Mobile App UI/UX Design is crucial towards creating an unforgettable and engaging application for customers of your business.  It is important for preparing a perfect mobile application of your business.
  • The UX design helps to determine if the mobile app will be a long term player.
  • As the UX is focused on the experience of the user, it’ll be the deciding factor if the customer will come back to your mobile app.
  • Thus, ultimately UX design is to prevent your customers to be satisfied with your mobile app and they retain the app in their mobile, use it often and give it a good rating.
  • While UX design is significant in retaining a user, the UI design is significant in obtaining a user. 
  • The UI design determines how the product is projected, how are the visuals of the app.
  • The UI design can produce an instinctive engagement with the user. 
  • The elements of your mobile application which are visible can capture the user’s interest because of the UI design.
  • The personalities of users will ultimately affect their choice of mobile applications, however, the UI design can have either a simple interface of a beautiful interface, so that the users will use your mobile application.

What Is More Important?

UI and UX are both irreplaceable and equally important. One without another doesn’t make a complete mobile application. 

UI is about the outlook and as in any marketing the packaging is of much importance. To give an example, UI design is that flower with nectar which attracts the bees. Of the many flowers, the bees would prefer those who are more beautiful or those who have more nectar, or those who have the sweetest nectar.

On other hands, UX is about what is the users experience while using the app and even before and after using it. The satisfaction of the user is also equally important. Continuing with the example of flowers, if one flower is surrounded by thorns, even if they are beautiful and the nectar is sweet, the bees might face difficulties reaching to the flower, so that in future they will avoid going to that flower and opt for another flower.


The UI and UX design are an important part of the Mobile app development process. Both are significant, and both compliment each other beautifully and have the power to develop for your business an application that will not only get you increased profits but also loyal customers which will help you build your business for years ahead.

In Present conditions (Yes I am hinting to the Corona Virus Outbreak), developing mobile applications has become a need rather than a choice. Our Mobile App development company, Techasoft can bring in your service a great team of UI as well as UX designers who can continuously work to fulfill your own dream application.

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