Software Developer Vs Consultant - What's Better For You

Software Developer Vs Consultant - What's Better For You

Most businesses are making technology a priority in their daily operations. Using technology, businesses can streamline their working process. Some of the noticeable technologies in software projects are financial software, hardware, Customer relationship management(CRM) systems, and more. As technology grows, the need for software apps, developers, consultants, and other professionals has also grown. It is difficult for a company owner to find out which IT professionals they need to work with. In this Software Developer vs Consultant blog, we talk about the software consultant role and software development role and other responsibilities needed for the progress of the software development project.

Software Developer Role

A software developer is a person who follows and applies the guidelines of Software engineering to develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software. They are the brain behind computer software, which they write using different types of programming language and frameworks including Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby On Rails, and more. As per statistics evaluated by Indeed, the software developer can expect an average of $100,000 per year and senior software developers can expect more than $20,000 per year.

The travel of software developers begins from their UG, where they are exposed to networking, mathematics, databases, Computer systems analysis, mathematics, and other essential skills related to software programming. Even beginners coming out from a college can write basic programming from scratch. If you want to become a software developer, you should know the software lifecycle, databases, application services, and fundamental programming concepts. With several years of experience, software developers can write complex code.

Software developers are capable of handling clients, hence many organizations employ software developers to take care of the communication with clients and allow software developers to focus on program writing. They usually have advanced knowledge of at least one programming language. Software developers with communication skills, leadership quality, and other required skills can become software development managers. If they possess some extra qualities, they can also even become a CEO of a software development company.

Software consultant Role

A software consultant is a person hired to advise on software design, architecture, and strategy that solves business problems. They collaborate with developers to carry out software development related tasks. These professionals are mostly senior developers with several years of experience in the software industry. The main role of the software consultant is to offer expert advice. They offer an independent and unbiased ‘health check’ of your organization’s business plan. They can only concentrate on business-related operations. They have only zero knowledge in the tech-related platforms. In simple words, Software engineer consultants are senior developers with many years of professional experience. They are hired by companies to design, advise, strategize, and together with software, developers build software that solves business-related problems. To become a software consultant, he should have proper knowledge of program management, project management, and design engineering. Software consultants adapt to a client's business and build software as if they play an important role in the business.

Software Developer vs Consultant

Software developer consultants don’t get particular advice from management. Instead, they are tasked with a specific mission, and they use their experience to finish it. They offer technical advice which results in reduced costs, increasing revenue, or making processes more efficient.

On the other hand, software developers are told exactly what to do and how to do it. A project manager assigns particular work, a business analyst tells them what the software writing requirement is and why, an architect guides them how to write the software from an abstraction, a tech lead reviews their work and senior software developers offer direction as well.

How They Work With Other Peoples

Software consultants often work with several people inside and outside of the organization including the development team, stakeholders, and executives. They normally spend more time coordinating and communicating with different teams. This includes providing updates and sharing concerns about the project progress, overall costs, milestone, and deadlines.

On the other hand, Software developers spend most of their time along with the development team, doing coordination, and solving tasks. They can do anything starting from debugging codes to technical discussions with their team members to improve the software development process.

How They Approach Their Work

A software consultant views the technology from the business point of perspective. He provides advice on the latest technology trends and practices to achieve project goals.

Software developers take care of implementing technical specifications to a software project. They restrict how they approach their work and they travel throughout the development process without any deviations.

How They Look At Software

Software consultants focus on software's maintainability, scalability, security, performance, and ease of management. They analyze a small part of the business and check whether the system is ideal for current business requirements.

Software developers, on the other hand, their main function is to code. They need to write functional, easily read, and understandable code to build software applications.

How They Manage Projects

Consultants stay on top of the project, they manage resources, schedules, timelines, and the project scope.

Software developers focus on managing their team members, managing workload, and general progress of the whole team. They need to communicate better with their team to deliver extraordinary final work.

How They Analyze Market Performance Reports

A software consultant works on adding or deleting features from the app specification to fit with the project goals, target audience, ROI, and marketing competition.

Software developers, meanwhile, are not concerned with the market performance reports of their apps. They need to give importance to technical specifications alone.


To become a software engineer consultant, you need some patience and good planning. You need enough software development experience, exposure to newer technology, become a company expert, and learn from other software engineer consultants. To become a software developer, you need to be an expert in at least one programming language. To avoid burnout in any sector, it is essential to maintain forward momentum. I hope this article on Software Developer vs Consultant will help you to understand better about the software consultant role and software developer role. Managing a project demands years of experience and an understanding of how technology will impact the business. So hire a skilled techie to develop great projects.

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