Tapping AI for a Future of Better, Faster, Cheaper Gift Shopping

Tapping AI for a Future of Better, Faster, Cheaper Gift Shopping

Giving gifts never goes out of season. Everyone loves to gift something or the other to their close ones and you particularly don’t need a reason for that, but buying gifts even becomes a matter of spending heads as gifting everyone the gift of their choice isn’t easy, as knowing what your fellow mates and close ones want that too within your price range becomes difficult at times. If you go for what they like then it may not fit in your budget and if you go for something in your budget then they may not like that. What adds to this difficulty is choosing the gift of right size and right color, and this thing is repeated every time you want to buy gifts – whether for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Christmas or other occasions.


What can be the answer to this difficulty of gifting things? What can be the most appropriate gift for all - that is an ideal gift which – fits in your budget, is of the right color and just the right size, also what everyone likes. What can be such an ideal gift? To assist you in this Artificial Intelligence has come forward with such amazing  ideas to selecting presents which can just perfectly fit into your budget, can fit anyone and everyone also, they will love it.


AI has come in the forefront to help to choose the best gift, no matter to whom you are giving. You can also make the full use of online retail services like – online shopping apps for instance Amazon and Flipkart. These are the retail services which have a wide range of products available for everyone with already both – the right amount of information and also with the highest selection of gifts.

These can be the easiest retail services that a person could avail. Moreover retail sites like Amazon have a focused Artificial Intelligence system which allows them to answer a wide range of gifts from the size to color and also to choice as even if you ask the recipient what gift they need, they may answer the same to someone else so instead you can make use of the retail services. They have a background record or database through which they know the size of the customer and what they like. Also the focused Artificial Intelligence can infer from the previous purchases that what they may like to buy so similarly they can help you choose a gift according to what they may need.


You can be networked with the person you give gifts regularly so that later on in future you don’t have a problem in giving gifts. There can be a total of 3 steps in this:

  1. The first step could be of gift items that could be given to spouses and similar people because those are the things which divert to personal area.
  2. The next step could be of the gift items which could be gifted to family members.
  3. The next and the last step could be of the gifts that can be given to friends and mates.

But for this the recipient of the gift must agree to be networked with you otherwise it won’t be possible. The retail company like Amazon would conduct a survey annually and will show you the information it knows about you and if needed you can make the necessary changes in it. This is also a way to modify the already existing information rather than starting again from a scratch. Not only this, you can even fix a number or a sum that you would want to spend on the gifts and leave the rest to the focused AI of the system. It will manage your gifts according to the sum.


The focused AI of the system has made it way more easier to give gifts, that too the gifts they need, fits them and in budget. What else could be better than this when it comes to giving gifts?

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