The Best 20 Photo-Editing Software In 2022

The Best 20 Photo-Editing Software In 2022

If you want to transform your photographs from decent to exceptional, using the appropriate photo editing software is essential. The greatest photo editing software can assist you in achieving your objectives, from colour correction to perspective adjustments and effect additions. We compared and evaluated the top 20 picture editing programmes in this guide.

All tools ranked and compared in this guide include:

* Greatest free photo editing software.

* The best Mac tools.

* The best Windows and PC photo editing software.

* The simplest photo editing programme for beginners.

* The top photo-editing programme.


1Adobe Photoshop

In any discussion about the top editing programmes, Adobe Photoshop merits a special mention. After all, "Adobe Photoshop" has come to be practically synonymous with photo editing.

It is among the most widely used picture editing software programmes available. Designers, painters, and illustrators all across the world rely on Photoshop as their primary tool.

In contrast to Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop is carefully created for experts who require all the cutting-edge features in a single package. Photoshop probably has any editing option you can think of.

These salient characteristics will guide your choice-making:

* The best in the industry, its masking and selection tools.

* Astonishing cloning and retouching powers.

* Even with higher size photographs, Photoshop is remarkably quick.

* It has 360 editing tools and depth map support for HEIF files.

* All popular file types, including JPG, PNG, and GIF, as well as raw files, are supported by Photoshop.

* It employs local adjustment layers for non-destructive editing to improve your image's appearance.


2. Corel PaintShop Pro

One of the most affordable and effective photo editing software programmes available is Corel PaintShop Pro. Although it lacks Photoshop's most cutting-edge flagship capabilities, such as Camera Shake Reduction, 3D modelling, Faces Liquefy, and precise typography, some photographers refer to it as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

However, Corel PaintShop Pro is a good choice if you're looking for a programme for simple yet effective image editing. Just be aware that it won't be as cunning as its more sophisticated competitors.

The following are a few of its distinctive qualities that make it worthwhile to try:

* Ideal for novices.

* Editing capabilities for 360-degree images.

* Crisp and fluid user experience.

* Starting from existing graphic design templates is an option for designers.

* Large library of gradients, tubes, colours, and palettes, among other things.


3. Skylum Luminar

An excellent substitute for Adobe Lightroom is Skylum Luminar AI. It has consequently become extremely popular among photographers.

It has more inexpensive pricing and strong image editing features. The most recent version, Luminar 4, is quicker and offers the ideal fusion of Lightroom and Photoshop. You can have it all with only one piece of software.

Its noteworthy major characteristics include:

* Layer and mask adjustments.

* 24/7 Technical and Sales Support is available.

* Less lag time and quick editing controls.

* Inventive shortcuts for automatic photo handling.

* Folders are constantly updated with the data on the hard drive.

* Filmstrip view, gallery view, and single image view are available viewing options.

* Artificial intelligence-enhanced skies, unintended AI, and sunrays.


4. Adobe Lightroom

In the field of photo editing, Adobe requires no introduction. In reality, it has been a leader in bringing modern improvements to picture editing software for years.

Another potent editing programme from Adobe is Lightroom. It is ideal for photographers who seek a simpler yet effective tool to alter their photographs.

Both Lightroom Classic and CC provide an easier-to-use user interface for processing images than the convoluted and intimidating Photoshop user interface.

Some of its amazing attributes are:

* Sliders can be altered.

* Tools for blurring and correcting.

* It synchronises with numerous devices.

* Corrections using cameras and lenses.

* Tools for adjusting gradients and brushes.

* Professional filters and a large selection of presets.

* Its face detection feature aids in more effectively organising the photos.


5. Skylum Aurora HDR

Skylum Aurora HDR makes it easy to combine images in an effective way to produce final images that look beautiful and natural at the same time. It may be directly inserted into other programmes like Adobe Photoshop and runs as an independent application.

Additionally, you may incorporate it as an Apple Photo add-on. In addition to the conventional techniques for creating HDR photographs, Aurora's AI-based neural network allows photographers to produce HDR images from a single file.

As it provides a number of cutting-edge capabilities to produce cutting-edge photographs, Aurora HDR is a boon for HDR photography. Here are some of its main characteristics:

* It has more than 20 features that make it easy to generate beautiful HDR photographs.

* It deftly removes noise and improves depth and details.

* Its HDR clarity technology boosts localised contrast and optimises clarity for superior outcomes.

* You can use its 80 distinctive presets to quickly transform RAW photographs into artistic masterpieces.

* In order to have complete control, you can also select manual mode.


6. Canva

One of the most well-liked programmes for creating beautiful photo templates is Canva. With its straightforward user interface, millions of people can alter graphics without having a lot of technical expertise.

Your photographs can have several layers added using its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Additionally, it enables you to quickly add fonts and other visuals to your photos for publication on websites and social media.

Professionals who need to create photo graphics for websites, social media, flyers, brochures, and marketing collateral frequently use Canva.

Here are some of its main characteristics:

* To edit pictures and make designs while on the go, download the app.

* It provides more than 8,000 themes, images, cards, and other resources to make creating visual content simple.

* Cropping and straightening the picture.

* Speech-bubble maker on offer.

* It is accessible online and works with respectable desktops and laptops.

* Obtain access to its enormous collection of pictures and designs.

* keep your designs and photographs in the cloud.


7. Stencil

You may create and edit photos for your social media and website with the web-based graphic design and photo editing tool stencil. It is appropriate for social media marketing experts, bloggers, and small business owners and has an intuitive user interface.

It makes it simple to design social networking visuals, such as headers, profile pictures, posts, and banner ads.

Its essential characteristics include:

* Resizing a photograph instantly.

* The capacity to upload and store multiple logos.

* Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that are simple to use.

* Choose appropriate places in your image to insert content.

* Directly from your dashboard, share photographs on various social networks.

* For easy access, separate all of your "favourite" icons, logos, and pictures.


8. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is advised for new users who want to sharpen their design and image-editing abilities. It provides a full selection of photo editing features, such as collages, touch up, and crop.

Before purchasing the full version, you can use its free trial version to test out its photo-editing features. PicMoney's user interface, which is simple and easy to use, is one of its strongest features. Professionals who are daunted by the intricate features of other powerful photo editing software will find it to be the ideal substitute.

Key characteristics:

* A wide range of templates.

* Sophisticated techniques for picture enhancement.

* Constant updating results in the addition of features and tools.

* Through its feature-rich smartphone app for iPhone and Android, you can effortlessly edit photographs.

* Modern graphic design tools for producing photos for web publication.

* To use this photo editing software, you don't need to be an editing wizard.


9. Capture One

Capture One is a fantastic addition to this list and was developed by the Phase One camera company. Although this RAW picture editor initially appears to be just another piece of image editing software, it actually has a number of distinctive capabilities. This is a better choice than Adobe Lightroom if you are a photographer who is primarily concerned in enhancing RAW photographs.

Key characteristics:

Image editing is a breeze thanks to Capture One's abundance of powerful tools.

Here are some of its main characteristics:

* Due to its masking features, Photoshop is not necessary.

* Even with large photos, performance is quick and smooth.

* Greater flexibility to modify colours and white balance is provided by the advanced colour editing capability.

* The user interface can be modified to suit your tastes.

* Enables several modifications to be made on each layer without becoming slow.


10. DesignWizard

A tool called DesignWizard offers tens of thousands of pre-made picture design templates appropriate for everything from birthday cards and gift certificates to social media posts and YouTube channel art.


* A collection of thousands of top-notch films, graphics, and illustrations, as well as more than a million images.

* Every photo and video has a commercial use licence.

* On social media, content may be shared immediately.

* Templates for marketing campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, sale posters, loyalty cards, and more.

* A straightforward photo editor that allows you to crop pictures, add text and logos, and more.


11. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

ACDSee Photo Studio has a lengthy history in the photo-editing software industry. This versatile photo editing programme has some great features that make it a solid substitute for Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, because of its user-friendly layout, it is helpful for newbies as well.

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate, the most recent edition, provides the newest features and cutting-edge tools for an improved photo-editing experience.

Key characteristics:

Let's look at some of the main characteristics that make this photo-editing tool worthwhile to take into consideration:

* Improved photo handling thanks to facial recognition technology.

* The "develop and edit" modes of the Black and White tool are available.

* Utilise potent LUT presets for various colour looks.

* File import is not necessary. directly alter source files.

* Using the Liquify tool, distorts the image's objects without sacrificing its quality.


12. On1 Photo RAW

Due to its free access to cutting-edge photo editing tools, Photo RAW is a very popular choice among photographers. The software has a free 30-day trial version that can be later upgraded.

For photographers who wish to produce great photographs without investing a lot of time in editing, Photo RAW is a useful tool. It can be used as an editing tool or as a photo organiser.

Key characteristics:

Some of its main features set it apart from other well-liked photo-editing apps on the market.

These are them:

* Photographers benefit from its dual-mode because it enables them to browse or modify images using the same tool.

* Its Edit History function allows you to view each and every editing step.

* For amazing results, it is integrated with Apple Photos and supports all RAW data.

* You can carry out real-time alterations and previews.

* Accessible for download on any platform.


13. Pixlr Editor

The online photo editor Pixlr Editor is more powerful than a number of desktop photo editing programmes. With a straightforward user interface and comprehensive customization options, Pixlr is a full-featured photo editing web application.

Despite being a browser-based programme, you may easily edit its photographs from any location.

Key characteristics:

Some incredible major features of Pixlr include:

* This web-based photo editing tool is accessible from any location and computer.

* Its layers, masks, and supports

* lets you select from more than 2 million effects

* You can also download its mobile application or desktop picture editor.

* The user interface can be modified to suit your tastes.

* Enables you to import pictures straight from social media networks, open images on desktops, or open images from URLs.


14. Gimp

GNU Image Manipulation Program is known as Gimp. You may produce gorgeous photographs with the aid of this free and open-source image editing programme, which is packed with pro-level functionality. The source code can also be modified, and the revised version can then be distributed. This indicates that they often release updated versions.

New designers, illustrators, and photographers should definitely try out this free photo editing software.

Key characteristics:

Gimp is free, yet it provides pro-level functionality to satisfy all the criteria for photo editing.

Here are some of its main characteristics:

* You can effectively repair or restore the photographs with its high-quality photo modification features.

* You're able to produce beautiful original artwork.

* Enables the creation of expert visual design elements

* Integrates with a number of plugins to provide a higher level of customisation

* Perl, Scheme, Python, and other programming languages are just a few of the ones you can integrate with.


15. Alien Skin Exposure X4

A superb selection of tools for expert photo editing are included with Alien Skin Exposure. Additionally, it is hailed as the ideal fusion of Photoshop and Lightroom CC.

There are many options available, from its support to layers and masks to a number of one-click presets.

Key characteristics:

It has a variety of useful features that let photographers get the outcomes they want.

Here are some of the salient characteristics:

* Interface that is clear and easy to use.

* Many one-click presets and filters included.

* Allows for quicker image transfer.

* Provides a useful printing option.

* Offers Smart Collection capabilities to more effectively arrange the library.

* Better exposure through improved lighting effects.


16. Adobe Photoshop Elements

With a clean, user-friendly interface and potent photo editing features, Adobe Photoshop Elements is a programme that is especially made for beginners.

Elements is a great choice if you're a novice or non-professional looking to get started with Adobe's ecosystem for photo editing.

With Elements, you can create professional-caliber Photoshop effects without needing any formal training. Additionally, it works quickly to complete simple photo editing chores.

Key characteristics:

* Its "Auto Curate" feature uses AI to classify the best pictures in your gallery.

* A closed eye, a typical issue in photography, can be fixed using the "Open Closed Eyes" function.

* It can perform more guided adjustments, such as backdrop replacement, double exposure, shape overlay, watercolour, and other features.

* In a few easy steps, create professional collages.

* Its "Guided Edits" function makes it easy to make memes, multi-photo texts, and part-image doodles.

* Many editing chores are covered by its AI skills by themselves.


17. Snappa

A cloud-based photo editing programme is called Snappa. It excellently satisfies the needs of professionals who frequently require photographs and designs for personal, marketing, and social media postings.

To help you finish a project more quickly, the image editing tool allows collaboration with other expertise. Additionally, photographers may create magnificent works of art from their photographs using Snappa's user-friendly interface. You may also give your photographs new dimensions and distinctive effects.

Key characteristics:

* Professional photo editing capabilities are offered by Snappa's major features.

* Utilise its capable drag and drop editor to alter photos.

* Edit images quickly with themes designed for social networking, blogs, and other online postings.

* Utilise countless free stock photo resources to produce great designs.

* Directly post modified images on social media.

* Swift and precise editing.

* Uploads of unique fonts.


18. PortraitPro

One of the top tools for photo editing on this list is PortraitPro. It was made exclusively with portrait photography specialists in mind. The software is equipped with all the features you could possibly need to produce beautiful portraits.

With the help of this photo-editing software, you can, among other things, adjust your skin tone, get rid of wrinkles, restore sagging cheeks or blemishes, and add eye shadow. You can also use it to correct the problem with the lighting.

Key characteristics:

To assure outstanding photographs, PortraitPro is outfitted with cutting-edge features like:

* Nearly all facial features can be fixed manually.

* It has a sophisticated layering option.

* Modern makeup techniques effectively modify a face.


19. Fotor

Fotor is an excellent choice for amateurs and experts who typically alter photos for personal use. This online collage maker and photo editor is also available as a complete desktop application. Additionally, it enables RAW photo conversion, a useful feature for open-source software.

The software also includes a tonne of tools for improving images, such a tonne of filters to make beautiful pictures. Its user interface is very easy to use and provides fantastic one-click filters that can instantly improve your photographs.


20. Inkscape

Free to download, Inkscape was primarily created for vector illustration. It is the ideal piece of software for aspiring illustrators and designers who don't want to start their professions by purchasing pricey software.

Additionally, it is an open-source photo editing programme that allows programmers to expand upon and improve its capabilities.

Key characteristics:

* Inkscape has a lot to offer designers despite being an open-source photo editing programme.

Its recent additions include:

* Many methods are used to transform bitmap images into vectors.

* It works with Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

* Several text types, as well as a colour selector

* It has a sizable community working on its ongoing development as well as a massive extension eco-system.

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