Tips To Optimize The Images For Better Google Search Engine Rankings

Tips To Optimize The Images For Better Google Search Engine Rankings

In the race of optimization and trying to get better ranks, images are the go-to option. Taking images into the whole procedure adds to your business, and let’s your business fly high.

Adding images to the website content is a great way to increase the ranking of your website, and normally the way you upload a picture to your website is that you first search it in Google, then from a great stock of photos, you select the one which you think fits best and then you upload it. But, there is much more than adding images to your content. You need to optimize them, else they won't do their job properly.

While trying to optimize the pages, images are often left unnoticed, but the fact is that the images help the pages to get optimized faster. But what are the ways by which you can optimize the images on your website? Here they are – I have mentioned the main tips that you need to follow if you want to optimize the images on your website.


1) Go With The Right Format: The two formats for the images that you can put in your website are JPEG and PNG. Go with the best file type

JPEG: In this format, the file size is usually smaller and you may lose the image quality but you can adjust it to maintain the balance.

PNG: In this, the quality is usually better and the file size is also larger.

When you need to upload pictures with the usually larger size I would suggest you go with the JPEG Format.

2) Build Links: Building Links is important for the whole page and also for the images. The right Anchor text on the image serves to increase the rank of the image. But you must remember to keep on rotating the anchor text because too rich anchor text can hurt the rankings of your image.

3) Wrap Content: Remember, Google can’t see your images it can read them, so make sure to wrap the image in content, that is fill content around the image. Do not spam it by stuffing too many keywords but just do the keyword icing that is sprinkle them.

4) Rich Snippets: This is a very good technique to increase your ranking. In this your images are tagged either to your business or website. So in this way, if even anyone image is highly related to your business it pops up when someone Google’s your business.

5) Beware Of Copyright Issues: Copyright issues are a great deal. Try not to get into these, and use the images that you can use or are reusable. If a person owns a picture and sees it in your website or business profile, then he or she may file a DMCA case which you need to abide by, and the penalties for the copyright issues can be huge.

6) Unique Images: Create images that are unique and highly related to your content. These images serve two purposes first, it attracts the public and second, it makes the content more clear to your clients. Thus, ultimately increasing the ranking of your page.

7) Mobile-Friendly Image: Now no one has time to sit and spend hours in front of a desktop, so make sure that the images you add to your website are mobile-friendly, that is they easily load on mobile too. This is also an important factor when it comes to ranking.


Image optimization is no joke. It should be taken as seriously as other digital marketing strategies. It helps the business to reach the heights you always wanted. Besides contributing to SEO and user experience, images can also play an important role in conversion. Images bring an article to life and can also increase the reach of your business.

Images, when used with care, will help readers better understand your article. You can also use GIFs in your content but do not overboard it.

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