Top 10 Logo Design Companies In India

Top 10 Logo Design Companies In India

Logos are necessary for representing a company and its products. A company's logo is the first way to sell itself to potential clients. A good logo communicates a company's or product's values and utility, as well as providing the recognition and generic identity needed to attract customers. That's why hiring a good logo design company is important to build a brand.

Graphic design is the practise of employing typography, photography, and illustration to communicate and solve problems visually. Although it is a subset of visual communication and communication design, the phrase "graphic design" is occasionally used interchangeably.

Graphic design's importance in today's competitive world is undeniable. That is why companies prefer to hire graphic designers from a reputable graphic design firm in India to produce appealing and fascinating designs that will capture the attention of their target customers. 

If you want to stay competitive these days, effective communication is critical. As a result, skilled and astute graphic designers are in high demand. If you want to hire a skilled graphic designer from a reputable graphic design firm, you need be aware of the top 10 graphic design firms in India that will properly fit your needs.

Check Out The Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India

1. Techasoft

Techasoft is a leading Logo Design Company in Bangalore. The logos created by Techasoft are attractive, appealing and catchy. The logo designers of our company make sure that they design a unique logo for you which successfully communicates the personality, grandeur and aura of your company to the public.

2. Communication Crafts

Communication Crafts, popularly known as CC, is a leading branding and advertising agency based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company's highly professional team has received numerous awards. Web development, mobile app development, and other services are offered by the company. Colgate University, Marwadi University, and IMS Dabbawalla are among the significant associations in the work filed.

3. Digiwebart- Digitize Your Brand

Digiwebart is an Indian graphic and logo design company situated in Jaipur that specializes in business development counselling and the design of visual and digital solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations. Corporate and brand identity, logo design, brochure design, stationery, websites, and web marketing are all areas of expertise.

4. Mind Digital

This is a well-known graphic design firm in India that offers clients complete graphic design solutions. The organization has fantastic employees who are dedicated to helping their customers. They specialize in logo design, brochure design, business card design, banner design, website design, flyer design, newsletter design, and many other sorts of graphic design. Pfizer, Phillips, Super 99, FCI Creative, Nitro digital, Store 99, and others are among their clients.

5. Buttercup Design Studio

Graphic design is the art of communicating company concepts and ideals in the most straightforward manner feasible. The professionals at buttercup design studio feel that creativity should be applied in expressing company ideas through visuals rather than just developing pretty designs. The company is regarded as one of India's greatest graphic design firms, thanks to its outstanding marketing efforts, which have helped many businesses stand out in their fields.


Uislick is a mobile app development company established in India that helps brands boost customer engagement on mobile devices. Uislick has already established itself as a go-to source for competent mobile app development, with clients such as MG Squared and a long list of successful work in a variety of industries.

When Malbertlee Yoga needed to improve their mobile user engagement, Uislick used their industry knowledge to create a customized mobile approach that met their clients' KPIs while also increasing their bottom line. The end result was excellent client feedback and a successful engagement that led to more business in the future.

7. First Launch

First Launch is a digital marketing agency established in Bangalore, India, with a London branch that provides clients with unique solutions. For clients ranging from small businesses to enterprises, they specialize in PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing solutions, as well as SEO solutions focusing on content generation and local search.

One of First Launch's projects was the creation of a brand identity for Coursebook, an Indian online education platform. First Launch assisted with the creation of the platform's logo, which is clean and professional in appearance.

8. Liquid Designs

Liquid Designs works with businesses to improve their image so that they may stand out, connect, and thrive in the long run. Its multidisciplinary team of designers and developers specializes in developing dynamic identities for their clients through branding, logo design, and web design.

A recent example of their work was creating a brand kit with Indian delivery business SmartBox. Taking cues from phone books and taxi taxis, Liquid Designs selected yellow as the primary brand color to appeal to a broad audience, complemented by blue, uniform typography for a youthful yet resilient feel.

9. Mandy Web Design

Mandy Web Design empowers brands with web design services, having a customer roster that includes names like Mar Tax Accountants. This India-based organization, founded on design-first principles, focuses on assisting brands in driving transformation.

Mandy Web Design's experience includes work for an enterprise client and one of the world's most recognisable companies. With a comprehensive reevaluation of their approach, Mandy Web Design assisted them in targeting their customer base. This resulted in strong engagement and a boost in their perceived authority.

10. WATR

WATR is a design studio that combines emotion with purpose. They create exceptional brand experiences for companies of all sizes, like Hyatt, Strata, and OnePlus. Branding, UX/UI design, and web design are among the services offered.

Following a thorough exploration phase, WATR created a brand design for a traveler's platform, which included a logo. They also produced screens for web and mobile products and designed product flows. The deliverables were well received by internal and external stakeholders, and the products soon garnered significant interest.

These are India's top 10 logo design firms. You must carefully select a graphic design service provider that will assist you in promoting your organization at all levels. A competent graphic design firm will combine art and technology to create the most appealing communication message possible, allowing you to easily connect with your target audiences.

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