Top 10 Machine Learning Companies In USA

Top 10 Machine Learning Companies In USA

Are you searching for ‘Best Machine Learning Companies in USA’? Don’t worry, our in-depth research will help you in your quest for the leading machine learning companies. Here we come up with a comprehensive list of the top machine learning companies so that you can select the best machine learning company from this Review article.

List of Top Machine Learning Companies in USA

1. Techasoft

Techasoft is a well-recognized machine learning development company in USA that is headquartered in Bangalore, India. It offers Machine Learning app development along with the AI development services to start-ups and enterprises. Before initiating the development process, Techasoft analyses the market and competitors and then creates a perfect solution according to business requirements. For the development of the machine learning apps, the company uses highly advanced tools like Clarifai, Caffe2, AWS, and Azure to name a few.

2. Abto Software

Being one of the leading machine learning development companies, Abto Software has a very strong command over the latest tools and technologies that are used for machine learning app development. Through every Machine learning based application, the company speaks volumes about its excellence and perfection. To ensure that each and every developed application fulfils the requirements of the client, this company follows a systematic approach and sends regular progress reports to the clients which makes it outstanding.

3. InData Labs

InData Labs is an AI-powered solutions provider that has offices in several places including Belarus, Singapore, and the U.S with over 60 employees working for meeting the client requirements. Since the year 2014, they have successfully implemented more than 40 projects thereby helping its clients to implement face recognition-based systems, recommender engines, image and video analysis, object detection, and NLP. This company has its own Research and Development centre which is operating in the sphere of ML, Computer Vision as well as AI Software Development. 

4. Sigmoidal

Sigmoidal is known to be one of the most trusted machine learning consulting companies in the USA. It is popular for integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence in the solutions that it provides to its clients. Their applications help scale up the business processes and ensure client’s success. The company has many years of experience in delivering end-to-end machine learning app development services and that is why it is a trustworthy company in USA.

5. Databricks

Founded in the year 2013, Databricks is a data science and machine learning company in the USA. Databricks is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has raised an estimated $897 million in funding till date. The company’s Unified Data Analytics Platform includes its ML flow-based Data Science Workspace and Redash visualization and dashboarding tool. It runs on AWS or Microsoft Azure, and not to forget, it integrates with a myriad of popular business intelligence tools, such as Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, Looker, Mode, TIBCO Spotfire and ThoughtSpot.

6. Quytech

Quytech is one of the top machine learning companies that has a vast experience in developing outstanding ML and AI based apps. Quytech follows a customer-centric approach, and that is why, it delivers custom based machine learning app development services to a number of start-ups and enterprises all around the world. 

To make sure that its clients get the best app development services from them, there is a specialized team of the company which collects all the specific requirements of the clients or listens to their app idea before actually beginning the development process. This approach makes most of their developments a huge success. 

7. Mosaic

Mosaic is yet another top machine learning consulting company that is involved in delivering machine learning app development services and solutions for the advancement of businesses al across the globe. This company has a dedicated team of many creative machine learning engineers, experienced data scientists, and talented support professionals who make sure that every delivered project meets the expectations and requirements of its clients. By availing its machine learning development services, the customers can either integrate the features into their existing business processes or they can get their business a new app developed according to their specific requirements.

8. IBM

IBM is one of the early pioneers of artificial intelligence and machine learning and it has made early headlines with its Watson AI platform. IBM continues to sell a myriad of AI and ML services under the Watson brand name and the product integrates with other Watson tools as well as supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 

9. HyperGiant

HyperGiant is a leading machine learning company in the USA that is recognized for offering custom-made machine learning app development services. It serves to a myriad of emerging and well-established companies all across the globe. With its cost-effective machine learning development services, the company has served hundreds of clients in the industries of entertainment, healthcare, aviation, defence, satellite communication, and many more.

Leveraging the power of technology in today’s time, HyperGiant assures its clients to deliver bespoke Machine Learning based applications which can lead to the overall business growth and success. The mobile apps developed by HyperGiant has the potential to mimic as well as think like human beings.

10. Xyonix

Xyonix machine learning services are very famous in the USA and offer deep insights of the data which can help you take decisions for a bright future of your business. The real motive of this company is to make the businesses al around the globe, leverage AI and machine learning. This will thereby help streamlining their business processes by comprehending and analysing the data and statistics without any human intervention.


We hope this article was insightful to you as it covers up the most trusted and renowned machine learning companies in the USA offering services at the most competitive price. You can totally depend on any of them for your next machine learning development or consulting services. Figure out your requirements and select the best one wisely.

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