Top 15 Social Media Mistakes That Every Business Make

Top 15 Social Media Mistakes That Every Business Make


Knock Knock! All the business trying to promote through Social Media, this is an alert for you! Stop and take a look! You might be making some Social Media Mistakes! 

If you are utilizing social media platform for reaching out to your potential customer; you may be confident enough and outright say, “I aren’t any wrong! I know my stuff.” May be you are right and you are doing things rightly. But it’s said that ‘To err is human’; and well, with so much to do as a business, you might end up making some small slip ups. And it’s better not to be sorry. Of course, you could completely by pass this step by availing services of a Social Media Marketing Company like Techasoft. But in any case, I say, it’s better to be aware of the mistakes you might make.

So then you might ask, ‘What are the Social Media Mistakes I may be making and How to Avoid these Mistakes?

Well then, below are my Top 15 Social Media Mistakes Business may make. Take a note and help your business excel! 

1. ‘Wanted’ Goals: This shouldn’t come as a surprise. First and foremost, you have to have a Social Media Marketing Strategy. If you have one, make sure you have set out measurable goals to attain. And if you don’t have one, take a pen and paper, brainstorm, and set one NOW! The direction must be set before you take any step.

2. Cards Of The Same Pack: The employees of a company represent themselves as well as the company. Make sure to guide your employees on how they utilize their social media accounts. Their social media accounts should be in accordance with your company’s social media policy.

3. United They Stand: It is imperative that you integrate all your digital marketing efforts together. Your social media accounts, your email, your website, your paid advertisements, everything should be interlinked. They together form an image of your business. Don’t separate them out.

4. A Jack Of All Trades: You must know what this phrase means. So please, don’t be Jack! It is not necessary that you have to have your business accounts on all social media sites. First, determine if your target audience is really using social media sites. Once you have determined which social media are frequented by your target audience, master marketing on those social media sites only.

5. They Are Not All Same: Every social media site has its own audience and tone. You should not post the same thing on all of them. A post on one social media site might seem out of context on another. You cannot be undistinguishing in your promotions. 

6. Going For Overkill: Are you in the habit of continuously pushing your promotion in the face of social media users? Please stop! That’s overkill for sure. Social Media Users today understand marketing and are annoyed if you are continuously, relentlessly promoting. Keep a leash on how many times you post in a day.

7. Don’t Be Underwhelming: This may sound contradictory to the last point. But don’t keep too much gap between the two posts. Overkill can be annoying, but an under kill might get you neglected. You need to make sure you are noticed, but not annoyingly so. Learn to balance.

8. Time It Up: The time when you post is important too. Take time to analyze when your audience is using social media. Is it in the morning, afternoon, evening or night? There are various inbuilt tools within social media platforms that help you in this. Be sure to post at the time when there is a high possibility of your audience reading it.

9. A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words: Don’t forget to use images in your posts, not just on Pinterest, or Instagram, but on Facebook and Tweeter too. It connects your audience emotionally. You can also upload videos. Try and keep the size of the images the same. And rather than using universal pictures, click your own set of pictures to use.

10. Keywords Are The KEY: Always remember this when it comes to digital marketing. Using the right keywords is a no miss, whether it is writing content for your website, for paid advertisement or for social media sites. However, try to keep it natural and inflow. Avoid overstuffing of keywords.

11. #Tag The Hashtag: If you want to insert yourselves the topics which are trending, if you want to be a part of conversations on social media and be noticed by your non-followers too, a hashtag is your answer. Especially on Twitter and Instagram.  Use those hashtags only which go with your company strategy. The post/image and your hashtag should match. It would make a negative impact if your use of hashtag seems solely promotional.

12. Silence Is Not Always Golden: Social media are social platforms and are made for interactions and conversation. Consider yourself out of the picture if you are unable to respond to your audience. No matter if it is a querry, an appreciation, a criticism, a complaint, of anything, DO respond! Quickly! And that too in a positive way. 

13. Boost The Post: Those posts which are top performers should be boosted more. You can use inbuilt insights and analytics available within your social media to determine which posts keep the audience more engaged. Now that you know, boost those more.

14. Don’t Be A Bore: Being a business account, you should sound professional, but that doesn’t mean you need to be always business-like and boring. Try to give a bit of human touch so that you can reach emotionally to your audience.

15. Spectacular Headings: A heading of any content has the capacity of either holding or losing a prospective client. Never take a heading lightly, and never neglect it.

Social Media Marketing is a time-consuming task and sometimes is better left for the professionals like Techasoft. You might question How Can Choosing Techasoft help your Business? Well, an experienced Social Media Marketing Company has all the necessary skills to provide you with cost-effective services. Thus, your business can save a lot of time which might be spent on digital marketing, and can also get increased returns.

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