Top E-Learning Website Features, Ideas And Inspirations

Top E-Learning Website Features, Ideas And Inspirations

Having a well designed education website is an ideal way to show who exactly you are as an establishment. It doesn't matter if you are an existing institution or you are building your education brand from the ground up. Remember that you are providing both a valuable and an invaluable service which is knowledge. The best education website design solutions will support this knowledge by having a clean layout, captivating images as well as engaging E-Learning Website features.


Below mentioned are some of the top E-Learning Website Features that your education portal must have:

Reporting and data analysis

Analyzing and reporting a student’s reaction and behavior towards a course is quite imperative and this feature will just help you track the data. It will store all the information such as the device that is used by the students to watch lectures, where the students can raise doubts and questions, and how often they return to the lecture, etc.

Payment gateway

We all know that online payments are simple, effective and efficient than any manual payment method. Hence do not stay behind in this and facilitate your customers with a comfortable and easy payment method. It will increase the conversions as well as sales. Make sure to provide different types of payment methods. Also, allow payments without requiring an account and do not use redirection, ask only for essential information that is required.

Skills and certification tracking

Skills and certification tracking is one of the most significant LMS features that is meant for measuring a student’s performance. You can also report on employee progress by showing the immediate returns of your efforts that you put in.

Social engagement

Social engagement tools might help the users get feedback from the users quickly. You can alert your users via the emails and the messages. Users can easily manage alerts and take benefit of easy scheduling.

Forums and webinars

Forums create a good way for students to mingle and discuss courses, assignments, and many other relevant information. It also renders an extra facility for the students to get answers from their fellow students or professors or coaches.


Extend your brand with colors, shapes & imagery

Colors and shapes are brand defining aspects of any business and even in educational establishments. Branding is a requisite and important regardless of the target audience, whether it is higher education, primary or secondary education or an online learning tool. Visual cues can really help show who you are and what you are all about. It is what makes you memorable, and it is a nice companion piece to your website design.

Appeal to a diverse faculty & a student body

You should ways aim for universal appeal to any audience. One such example is Skill share website wherein it is a great example of universal appeal. The colors that are used are neutral, the layout is easy to understand and the content is quite diverse. In the case of a higher education site, universal appeal means that your website should be undoubtedly attractive. The reason is that there are vibrant and curious student audience as well as some top professional, experienced faculty or staff audience viewing. Hence make it clear that everyone is welcomed at your institute and everyone makes up an imperative piece of its overall success.

Get smart with a great & creative education website

A well-designed website is an integral part of any education venture, regardless of the type of knowledge that is been offered. If website is not designed well, the desired audience that you are trying to reach will not be attracted. Now that you have hit the books when it comes to website design, it is the right time to bring in an expert that can give vision a life. So connect with our global community of website designers and start creating a website which is noteworthy.

Now let us look into some of the top inspiring eLearning websites that you should check out:


1. Coursera

Coursera has a pretty good user interface and it offers plenty of information about each class which includes:

* A course syllabus

* Format of the course

* Background and experience of the coach

* Materials needed during the course completion process

* Course at a glance information on the top

* Students who finish a course may often receive a statement of accomplishment which is also known as completion certificate from the instructor of the course.

2. TedEd

Who has not listened to a Ted Talk that was shared on some social media website like Facebook or YouTube? So here is the thing; Ted-Ed is basically full of educational videos based on a variety of general education topics which can be accessed for free. Not only are there a myriad of motivational speakers but there are also topical videos. Those videos are of often less than ten minutes each and are full of important information at every second.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy certainly has youth appeal because of its avatars as well as the ability to earn badges. In addition to that, it is also an extremely viable option for the adults who want to enhance their technical skills, or learn about subjects such as entrepreneurship or management.

End Note

There are plenty of systems that are available to lead your students through the path of building your education and certified training programs in a successful way. So make sure that you choose the best system. Your selection should he such that it has all the necessary LMS features that you need and then only proceed with that.

Also, make sure that you focus on technology. The reason is that without proper technology, you will not be able to offer courses efficiently. Also, the learner will fall short in achieving the course objectives and then look for other options in the market.

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