Top Foundational Tech Skills That Professionals Should Develop In 2024

Top Foundational Tech Skills That Professionals Should Develop In 2024

To succeed in the workplace in 2024, it’s imperative to have certain skills. Increasingly, many jobs demand a certain level of tech competence. Today, there are certain tech skills that almost all modern professions require, and if you want to set yourself up for professional success, now’s the time to start learning them.

In this article, we’ll walk you through what some of these skills are and how you can hone these highly employable digital-savvy skills as a future-oriented professional.

Converting Between Different File Types

Let’s start with the basics and build our way up. Learning how to work with different file types and convert them into each other is important as various file formats have different uses, and specific situations will call for certain ones. For instance, converting to PDF is an essential skill as certain companies may only accept documents like reports in invoices as PDFs.

Thankfully, converting various file types to PDF is easy enough and can be done directly on Word, Google Docs, and other word processing software. Simply save the file as a PDF or print it as a PDF. You can also use various PDF converters online.

Similarly, if you work a lot with digital images, it can definitely help learning how to convert JPG files to PNG files or even to PDFs – alongside understanding the different qualities and benefits of each file type. For instance, PNG files can be programmed to maintain a transparent background, making them highly suitable for most graphic design projects.

Basic Excel Skills

Excel is an incredibly powerful tool, and learning how to use it effectively can supercharge your productivity. This is mainly because Excel spreadsheets are great for crunching big numbers, creating detailed reports and more – so anybody who works in an enterprise that uses data analytics or monitors metrics (so most of them, nowadays) can greatly benefit from boosting their proficiency with Excel.

Start by learning basic Excel formulas that allow you to perform simple equations and format your spreadsheets to present data in a clear way. From there, you can branch out into more complex Excel formulas that are useful to your specific job.

If you’re looking to improve your Excel skills, there are many online resources like walkthroughs and tutorial skills that can help you get started.

Microsoft Word Proficiency

Microsoft Word has been the gold standard for word processing for decades. You can use Word to create all sorts of documents, from basic letters to advanced business reports and many more. It’s also an incredibly intuitive software to learn.

Microsoft Word allows you to create tables, play around with the format, insert images and more. Knowing how to use Word to a proficient degree allows you to create written documents in the most efficient manner possible and improves your output when it comes to both style and substance.

Email Communication

Email is one of the primary means of communication in a modern workplace. The majority of jobs out there will require some degree of email communication, especially when it comes to official requests, meeting summaries, sending attachments and more.

Two of the most common email platforms for modern workplaces are Outlook and Gmail. Learning both allows you to succeed in most workplaces when it comes to communication. Besides knowing the technical ins and outs of email platforms, it’s also important to understand email etiquette, which will vary slightly depending on your workplace’s culture.

Basic Tech Troubleshooting

Technology isn’t perfect, and issues can and do pop up as you use computers, tablets and smartphone devices. Sometimes, a device will stop working or won’t work as intended, or a bug will appear that prevents you from doing your job. But you don’t need to become a technical support engineer to learn how to troubleshoot. In fact, with some basic tech troubleshooting skills, you should be able to fix the majority of IT problems on the fly without having to contact tech support.

Sometimes, the problem is simple, and all you need to do is switch your device off and on again to fix it. At other times, you’ll need to apply more complex troubleshooting, including changing the settings on your device or installing a software update.

It’s also important to stay on top of advancements in technology in order to ensure that you can deal with the latest sorts of issues that might arise. Being able to solve problems in real time enhances your efficiency and makes you a more valuable worker.

Working With Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth is a convenient technology that allows for wireless connection between a wide range of devices. Headphones, keyboards, speakers and many more all have Bluetooth versions, and chances are you’ll be using one or more Bluetooth devices at work.

Knowing how to use Bluetooth devices should be part of your arsenal of tech skills, as it will allow you to perform tasks like joining office meetings with a Bluetooth headset, using wireless keyboards and mice and listening to work-related audio using wireless devices.

Password Management

Creating strong passwords is essential to cybersecurity. Passwords can be used to log in to a company computer, and can also be used to protect email accounts, company social media platforms, websites and more. An effective password is essential to protect you from threats like viruses, ransomware and trojans.

There are several best practices to follow when making a password. A good password contains a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Don’t use obvious passwords like the name of a loved one or the word ‘password.’ It’s also important to store your passwords securely, which can involve the use of a password management tool.

In this article, we’ve gone through some key skills to learn if you want to succeed professionally in today’s workplaces. We’ve covered skills like converting between file types, password management and using the various Bluetooth devices you’ll find at work.

What are you waiting for? Start building these skills today to set yourself up for a successful career in whatever field you choose.

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