UI And UX Designing Are Not The Same Thing

UI And UX Designing Are Not The Same Thing

UI and UX designing are not the same thing. Considering at the most basic level – UI is User Interface which is a series of screens, pages and other visual elements like buttons and icons. This allows a customer or the public to interact with the product and services of the company. On the other hand UX is User Experience which is different to every person. It is a series of events that a person experiences when he or she is interacting with the different products and services of the company.

People may sometime assume that both UI and UX designing are be the same and often they use these terms interchangeably.

Here in this article we are going to discuss about the two different professions that is UI and UX designing. We will also get into details about them and then we will draw the comparison between both.


UX is User Experience. It is what the customer feels when the user interacts with the different products and services of a company. A user experience can be both good and bad depending on how easy or difficult it was for the customer to interact with each and every aspect of the company.

Some UX professionals have opted for calling the field customer experience, and others have gone a step further to simply refer to the field as experience design.

The UX design is responsible for answering many questions like: What is the nature of the user flow? Is it smooth, seamless and intuitive or is it confusing and unwieldy? Is the colour button of the company appealing enough to make them click or do the users hesitate to click the button? Does the content of the page increase conversion? Does the addition of more details steps add to the clarity of the process?

The user experience focuses on the things like customer pain and potential, points, market gaps, competitor analysis.  Besides this, the user experience also lays stress on deep understanding of users and un - met market needs, UX also takes into account the business goals and objectives to build products that align with the company’s visions and missions. Adoption of the best practices in user experience, improves the user interaction and perception and also helps the company to get the desired results.


The main focus of User Interface is laid on the look and layout – that is how each and every aspect of the product will look. This includes all the elements of the product including - buttons, placeholders, text, images, checkboxes, and any visual interface elements people interact with.

The user experience is based on the user interface, it focuses on the aesthetic aspects of the product like the color palettes, button styles, animation, graphics, typography, diagrams, widgets, and many other elements which make the websites, applications, plugins, themes, etc. look neat and clean while still being intuitively functional to the user. 

The UI designers need to keep themselves updated on the latest themes, graphic patters and design trends that evolve and change according the taste and demands of the customers.


1) UX SOLVES THE PROBLEM WHEREAS UI FOCUSES ON TE LOOK OF THE PRODUCT: UX design focuses to solve any problem or query which the user encounters while he or she is interacting with the company where as the UI is only a part of the process. The ultimate goal of UX is to locate and solve problems while the main focus of the UI is to make the product attractive for the customers.

2) UX STRESSES ON THE JOURNEY OF THE CUSTOMER WHILE UI LAYS STRESS ON PRODUCT SNAPSHOT: Most UX research, testing, and experimentation work focuses on learning and improving the user experience. Behaviors, functional interactions, and emotional reactions throughout the user journey are the foundation of a company’s UX strategies. UI designers combine their knowledge on graphics to produce the best layout for the product. Their job is to turn conceptual content and layout into an attractive, intuitive, and responsive interface for users. 


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