What is Google Algorithm? How does it work?

What is Google Algorithm? How does it work?

In general, the standard definition of google algorithm isΒ a general set of rules which helps you to solve a problem in a finite number of ways. Now let us take a dive into the details of Google algorithms and understand how it works.

For Google algorithm we may begin with the definition that – it is a platform for Google to perform a number of functions or perform a given specific task. For better understanding, let us take an example of a finite task: For instance the computer is programmed to randomly come up with letters from A to Z. So, this given task has a start and an end and hence it is finite.

Google Algorithm: It works on the basic principles of the algorithms but is much more complex. For example when you type something on Google and click on search a lot of options appear to you in the form of links and you can go with the link of your choice – it totally depends on you but from where did these search results come from? Now you might be thinking right – Yes it’s an algorithm which is way more complex to understand.

The algorithm used by Google varies from search to search and it changes quite frequently and these algorithms are not made public by the companies which helped in the search results but some common algorithms that you can determine from the web pages are:

  1. Organic links that occur naturally on the page
  2. The appearance of the keywords on the title of the page and also the header and Meta tags of the page.
  3. The performance of the website on different devices like phones, computers and tablets.

Some of the infamous Google algorithms are: Panda, Pigeon, Mobile Rank – brain, Fred and many more.


The algorithms crawl the web and bring to you the results that you wanted. The search engines find out results from the millions and billions of the web – pages to gather the relevant information that you need, then they organize it and present to you in the search index.

Now you must be thinking that how does Google looks only for the pages that you need and shows the exact result – so here is to explain how it does. Google looks through all the web pages which contain the keywords that you have entered. Then it arranges all the selected web pages and ranks them on the basis of several factors and one such factor is how many times the keywords appear on the web page.

The working of these algorithms can be divided into a few parts as follows –

1) ANALYZING THE KEYWORDS ENTERED: Google tries to understand what you are searching for with the help of language models so that it shows to you the relevant results. Yet, the search engine optimization is much more than you see. With all these features Google tries to sneak into your mind.

2) RANKING PAGES: Google pays more importance to find you out the right information regardless of the number of web pages and as mentioned earlier Google ranks the web pages via SEO Services on the basis of several factors.

3) CONTENT DEPENDS ON CONTEXT: Even if two people are searching for the same thing they may be shown different results depending upon the context. This depends on a lot of factors like the past search history, locations, settings and all these factors play together to bring you the results.

4) MEETING THE KEYWORDS SEARCHED FOR: Google looks through innumerable pages just to match your query and it does this by looking for terms in the index and matching the websites.


I hope this article helped you in knowing the meaning and working of the Google algorithms. You may not necessarily know the complex working, but now you know the main factors on how it works and as said all the google algorithms are not made public. Also, with the information given in this article you can optimize your own website for Google without a problem.

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