What Is Outreach Marketing?

What Is Outreach Marketing?

“Social media influences about 78% of consumers in making their purchase decisions.” 

Not only that, - “63% of the adults will actively talk about a product/service online. Also, around 81% will look out what others are posting about a product.”

The social media platform has grown too huge in the past decade. Today in 2021, Facebook has about 2.85 billion active monthly users,  Instagram has about 1.07 billion users, LinkedIn has around 756 million users, Twitter haa199 million active daily users, and so on.

The vast number of users on these platforms and their increasing reliability on them to make their purchasing decisions is a factor every business and Digital Marketing Company today has to take into consideration. 

Outreach Marketing is a strategy that makes use of exactly these facts and leverages the Social networks to reach out to potential consumers. So What is Outreach Marketing? Let’s understand in detail.

What is Outreach Marketing?

Outreach Marketing is a marketing strategy in which businesses pitch their content to specific influential personalities of people who have strong relationships with a large number of people who can be your potential consumers. Outreach Monitoring is also referred to as Influencer marketing.

There are many people or organizations present on the social media platform who are experts and a huge social influence in their field. Businesses find such relevant people or ‘influencers’ and request them for product mentions, endorsements, and marketing.

Influencers are those who have followers in hundreds, thousands, and sometimes in lakhs too. Collaborating with them can help your business get more visibility and popularity. This is because they are very much visible and popular. In the present world, people are likely to trust social influencers more than commercial advertisements. This is because family, friends, and peer recommendations are something that they believe more in. 

Businesses need to incorporate Outreach Marketing with their overall digital marketing and marketing campaigns to reap more benefits. 

What is the process of Outreach Marketing?

The strategy of Outreach Marketing involves a rather simple process with a few steps involved. We are explaining them below –

To identify influencers: With increasing social media platforms and the number of users of these platforms, the number of influencers is increasing too. So, the first step in outreach marketing will be to identify the influencers you need to choose for the application of your Outreach Marketing Strategy. 

Create criteria for finding the influencers: While identifying the influential people, follow specific criteria and make sure to check that the influencers meet that criteria. First of all, the influencer should be relevant to your field i.e. related to your business. If the influencer and your businesses are in no way related, you’ll simply end with targeting the wrong audience through such influencers. If you are a software company, a makeup artist influencer will not be of much use to you. Along with the relevancy of the influencer, be sure the influencer you select has good popularity – (not too much as they may not necessarily partner with you unless you are a very big scale business). Also, the influencer should be rather active on their social platform and be able to have good engagement with their followers. The simplest way to ensure this is to check out how many followers do they have, how often do they post new content, how many likes/comments/shares do their content gets, etc.

Request the influencers for a collaboration: Once you identify the influencer you want for your Outreach Marketing, your next step is to reach out to them. There are various ways to achieve this – you can send them an email, a direct message on the social media platform that they are active on, or even a tweet. Be humble and professional with your approach and calmly await their response. This first point of contact should be impactful enough to make them want to respond. 

Pitch your partnership idea: Once you receive a response from them, go ahead and pitch to them your idea of partnership or collaboration. Your pitch should be concise, crisp, clear, and importantly, should mention what is on offer i.e. the gains or benefits that they’ll get with partnering with you. So, begin with an intriguing subject and show the influencer the benefits of the opening itself. While the partnership is beneficial for both of you, it’s better to portray that your partnership offer is solving some problem for the influencer i.e. you need to show them the benefits of working with you.

Once you follow these steps, you are done! Now that you understand what Outreach Marketing is and what are the steps you need to follow in this process, let’s understand how this Digital Marketing Strategy will benefit you

Benefits of Outreach Marketing:

Giving a human touch: Outreach Marketing will help you give a personalized approach to your target audience. This is because the followers of influencers have much respect, faith, and a better relationship with them. With the influencers promoting your business/brand/product, you’ll be able to add a human touch to your marketing strategy. Also, finally, you can reach out to more and more potential consumers with outreach marketing.

To help you improve your marketing quality: By partnering with influencers, you can also understand how the influencer can attract so many audiences, how they can localize and optimize their content, and what strategies they are utilizing. Observing them you can further improve on and modify your marketing strategies and content quality for product promotion.

Building relationships to tell your story: In Outreach Marketing, you are partnering with influencers and creating a healthy relationship with them. Through this relationship, you mutually benefit each other and you can tell your brand story to a large audience. The influencers are similarly working to build a great relationship with their followers. 

Boosting your overall performance: Outreach Marketing helps businesses to build links and relationships with influencers, increase brand visibility and awareness. Most of all, it increases consumers' trust in your brand due to the recommendations by influencers. Thus, the overall performance of your business is boosted

These are some of the benefits that Outreach Marketing brings to us.

So, this was our 101 guide about Outreach Marketing. Businesses today should seriously consider this digital marketing strategy to improve their marketing results and profits.

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