What Is Sales Cloud? Features Of Sales Cloud

What Is Sales Cloud? Features Of Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a CRM software developed by Salesforce. This Software aims to help salespeople in achieving quicker and better sales. There are several CRM softwares in the market; however, the sale cloud stands out of them all. This is due to its unique feature that combines all the details of the customers, sales, and leads, all in a single place.

This Software is a platform that brings together all the details of the customer in an integrated market, which consists of marketing, lead generation, sales, customer service, and business analytics, as well as providing the user with thousands of applications. According to, 'The platform is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) for browser-based access; a mobile app is also available. A real-time social feed for collaboration allows users to share information or ask questions of the user community.' By this definition, we come to know that the Sales Cloud software is beneficial for sales associates in acquiring sales more efficiently since all the essential information which is crucial for sales is bunched in one place.

The combination of the social media platform and the information of the user is the essential component of Sales Cloud, as it helps the user to know what the client needs and all of the details, which increases the chances of a successful sale. This in turn, is responsible for the increase in sales of the user, thereby benefitting the user as well as the company or the firm.

Now let us understand all the features of Sales Cloud,


This unique CRM software has changed the dimensions of CRM softwares by going one step ahead and compiling all the essential information of the customer in detail. The advantages that this Software has on the other CRM softwares are several; however, we have in this article highlighted the importance and the essential features that you must know, before continuing with this Software. The key features of Sales Cloud have helped many salesman and companies grow by increased sales and thus increase in their profit. It is, therefore, vital for us to first understand the critical features of this Software, to improve our chances of getting good in the sales market.

But before getting into the feature of the Software, let us take a look at the key business goals that this has achieved:

i. Increase In Successful Sales:

This means explicitly increase in successful sales, since the compiled information which Sales Cloud provides the user with, leaves very narrow space for failure. The details that it provides helps the salesman to know all the essential aspects they need to know that would lead to an increased percentage of efficacious sales.

ii. Rapid Closure Of Deals:

The apps associated with the Software, as well as the visual designs it provides, regarding the entire process that is involved in getting an approval for a business proposal, leads to quicker closure of the deals without any waste of time.

iii. A Surge In The Number Of eals:

Sales Cloud not only gives the user the information regarding the clients in focus but also provides all the statistics, which helps the user in designing their campaigns according to the market response.

iv. Swift Decisions:

The data and the reports provided by the CRM software makes it easier for decisions to be made at a much quicker pace. These decisions can be made due to the readymade details and highly accurate sales forecasting, that is provided to the user via Sales Cloud.

Now that we know about the business goals that the Software has achieved let us take a look at all the features of Sales Cloud, that makes it effectual,

I. Increasing The Conversion Ratio:

The main components of Sales Cloud that is taken into consideration for this particular feature is the Account & Contact Management and Opportunity Management.

First, let's talk about account & contact management. Sales Cloud helps you to have all the information regarding the client, by accessing the essential contacts as well as the communication history of the client. This data will help you in knowing all you need to know about the client to close the deal. Apart from this, it also lets you peek into the social media accounts of the important consumers, and thus, let's you have all the vital needs as well as the insights of the clients, thereby creating a space for change and improvement. Not only this but once you move your contact management online, the Software lets you connect to clients across different organizations, thus, creating a wide range of opportunities.

Opportunity management comprises all the features that help you in managing all your meetings and deals anywhere you go. Sales Cloud highlights all the important details that you require while closing the deal, such as your business competitor, how good your deal is moving forward, and also gives you an idea of what you should do ahead to close the deal successfully. All of these activities can be tracked at the same place, making it much easier for you. You can also be able to track your success in making sales by reviewing yourself and, thus, knowing exactly where you need to improve. While pitching into a client, it is also essential to have all the details you need to know about the product you are trying to sell, and all this data related to the product is provided to you in a single place. All of these features help you in managing all the opportunities effectively and in a single place.

II. Increase In Sales Prospects:

The two components of this features are Lead Management and Sales Data.

Lead management is being able to manage all your leads across every campaign that you launch. Sales Clouds lets you access all the information that you need you to know about your leads. This includes the source from which you got it in the first place, thereby helping you gain many more leads by focusing on those particular sources. By tracking all your leads, you get to know about how you got the lead in the first place; this strategy can then be used to gain many more opportunities by just adding a little bit of improvement. Not only can you access the information of the leads, but also track your campaigns and the response it is getting from different leads. By knowing all about your social media campaigns, it becomes easier for you to decide on which marketing strategy you should invest in, thereby letting you invest in the right place and preventing major losses.

Get all the data related to your sales at the right time; anywhere you go by just a click via This lets you plan your territories based on which territory contains maximum sales. By planning your territories, you make sure that you are leading in the right direction by focusing on major sales. Increase your sales by knowing all about the important details regarding the sales and also increase your market productivity by analyzing all the data.

III. Increase In Productivity:

This feature consists of 3 components in it, namely Mobile, Workflow & Approval, and File sync & share.

Sales Cloud Mobile App helps you have all the sales data as well as the data of the client in your phone wherever you go. This vital feature lets you access all the hot lead, the marketing forecast, as well as the sales data all at your convenience. You can make a sale, seal a deal, or arrange a meeting with an important client, all from your mobile phone.

With the help of Workflow, you can run and design any type of business in its simplest form. Process Builder makes your work simpler by means of automated business processes. By means of this feature, you are able to create email-alerts for certain clients, assign tasks automatically, and hence make it all much simpler. There are many complex processes in a sale that require expertise and automation. This automation is provided by Process Builder that helps you in going through such complex processes by recommendations and automation. Business approval processes can take a lot of time and effort, but with the help of Workflow, you can easily go through the entire process and thus, seal various deals swiftly and effectively.

By means of the Sales Cloud, it has become easier to share files and collaborate with the organization or the client directly. Have access to all the comments and the history of all the new content uploaded in the file by having direct control over all the settings of the files. When there are several files to search from, it becomes quite hectic to find contact information or any important data you need to access. In order to make things easier and quicker, there are many filters that allow you to search for various files easily. Be up-to-date with all the changes that is taking place in the file by being able to eliminate all the errors or unimportant content. You can also be able to publish your file easily without any hassle.

IV. Data Analysis And Making Insightful Decisions:

The last feature of the Sales Cloud comprises of Reports & Dashboards and Sales Forecasting.

Dashboards are a table that includes all the important data collected at a single place, along with statistics. It also keeps you up-to-date regarding all the new comments or changes that have been made. The dashboards provided by Sales Cloud, helps you jot down all the important details and statistics as well as files grouped in different categories, filters, groupings by just drag and drop method. Reports and Dashboards help you to track and analyze all the changes and updates that is happening in your files and business. It lets you change or terminate any component you don't want, thus, letting you be in control. Due to the compilation of data in such form, it becomes easier for you to make decisions by just glancing at all the real-time data and charts in front of you.

Track all the records and performances of your business as well as your representatives, by means of sales forecasting. Get a complete view of your organization and company by keeping track of the sales forecast. This helps in making key decisions for the benefit of the company and also take effective action when necessary. This feature allows you to plan your business strategy effectively. The adjustments which were previously made can also be accessed without changing the present underlying data. Be able to set your goals based on the targets and performance of your representatives. This enables you to perform well based on your new set of goals. By means of Overlay Splits, you can also be able to handle a complex organization of your company by being able to credit the right amounts of sales overlay on the basis of revenue, contract value, and many more. This feature also allows you to make real-time adjustments in this forecast.

The CRM software called Sales Cloud thus beats all the other components by means of several features and business goals. The efficiency and the automated features of the Software are the highlights, while not forgetting the perfect assembly of all the data and files that this Software lets you access. Sales Cloud is a game-changer that is taking sales to a new dimension entirely.

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