What Type Of Architecture Does Your Mobile App Need?

What Type Of Architecture Does Your Mobile App Need?

The development of mobility enables more powerful capabilities in mobile apps, mobile apps play an important role in the everyday life of human beings starting from ticket booking to ordering medicine online. We are used to witnessing tremendous growth in mobile app development with new innovations. The motive of every Mobile App Development Company is to develop an innovative app with advanced features to survive in this competitive mobile app development market but most of them failed in competition.  The main reason for the failure is ignoring mobile app architecture in mobile app development. It is necessary for a mobile app to have a robust foundation.

What is Mobile Application Architecture?

In simple terms, Mobile app architecture is a set of techniques and patterns which app developers follow to develop a fully structured mobile application according to the vendor and industry-specific standard. The specific elements of the architecture are selected based on the application requirements and features. The factors such as guidelines that work on wireless mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are taken into consideration.

It consists of multiple-layers within an application consisting of the following layers.

  • Presentation Layer:

This layer is also called view layers and this layer comprises both UI components and UI process components. The appearance of mobile apps such as fonts, themes, colors, etc. should also be decided at this phase.

  • Navigation Layer:

This layer comprises the processes needed for users to switch between the different views within the app. In this stage, the design team will decide the navigation method of the mobile app.

  • Services Layer:

This layer is formed by data access components, storage, logic, and server communication and it also represents a common set of applications operations.

Elements To Consider While Developing Mobile App Architecture

Building a perfect base for a mobile app is the key to the success of mobile app development, you should consider the below following factors while developing mobile apps.

  • Determining The Device Types

There are different types of smartphones available in the market and it is necessary to check the device type and its characteristics such as the size of the screen, screen resolution, memory, availability of development network, storage space, and CPU characteristics.

  • Considering Bandwidth

It is necessary to keep in mind the internet network scenarios of the areas your target audience live and work because the changes in the fluctuation of the internet speed can negatively impact the user experience. Your customers need to be connected to the internet 24/7 and in some cases, they may even have fluctuating networks at times. While choosing software protocols and hardware for your mobile application, you need to give importance to speed and power consumption.

  • Defining User Interface

You need to keep the connection as simple as possible so that it can easily attract the users and we suggest you avoid clumsy UI on your app.

  • Selecting The Right Navigation

The navigation of an app is a complicated factor that includes both frontend and backend. While choosing a navigation method you should consider and give importance to your customer’s preferences and to your app requirements. There are several navigation methods available in the internet medium and some of them are ab controller Single view, Scroll views, Modal controller, Gesture based-navigation, and more.

 Understanding your app requirements and your customers will help you to find out which navigation method you should select.

Real-time Updates Vs Push Notifications

While selecting the perfect app architecture for your app, select whether your app needs real-time updates or push notifications but keep in mind that real-time notifications demand a lot of phone’s battery and data.

How To Select The Right Architecture For Your Mobile App?

To find out the perfect architecture for your mobile application, we recommend you to follow the below steps.

  • Audience Analysis

If you find your target audience group and analyze their requirements, you will get to know for which platform you have to develop your app and the type of user experience you need to deliver.

  • Start With An Experience That The User Expects

To find the right technology framework, you need to think and behave like a customer, in order to identify the end-user experience.

  • Development Time

If you have a specified time lime, then the first thing you need to do is develop a mobile web app and it is the quickest method to get your target audience. You can later focus on rolling out a native app for mobile applications.

  • Total Cost

The cost of mobile app development and maintenance expenses depends on the architecture that you have selected for building the app.

  • Any Industry-specific Requirements

Finding industry requirements is crucial to choosing the perfect mobile architecture and if you develop your architecture based on specific industry requirement, you can get higher ranking in the SERPs listings


Including a Mobile app architecture is the crucial factor that you need for your app development and it makes your app secure and scalable. It plays a very important role in the App development market and it drives many benefits more than you expect in your business.

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