Why is website security so important? How to know if a website is secure?

Why is website security so important? How to know if a website is secure?

To start with website security you should know what it is – so in brief website security refers to protecting your website on the internet from the different malware’s, hackers, dubious injection of codes and etc. No matter whether you are a business user or a personal user – you should protect your website as it may have some unwanted effects. Many people believe that only the huge businesses and those who are too elite in their business need website security but it is not so. Some are even of the perception that the process of hacking as well as website security is too complex and they don’t have to care about it, so let me make one thing absolutely clear that is you are WRONG. Website Security is important for each and every user on the internet and even a not so significant website can be hacked easily.

Till now you have come to know what is website security now here below in this article we will deal with the topic in two parts that is – Why is website security so important and the next part is how to know if a website is secure? So here we start.


As mentioned earlier website security is important and we will know how. If you have made a website for your business it clearly means that to you your business is very important and normally a business website holds all the business details, the customers details like their names and details and even the business transaction details like the ATM pins, the bank account details and many more. All these information can be wrongly used and it may also affect the company and customer relationship as every customer wants to be assured that their details are safe with the company and if any of the above mentioned mishaps happen then it may effect and hamper the business to a great deal it may even lead to stop a small business so the safety of the website should be completely ensured.

Moreover, the hackers try to combine the power of a lot of computers to launch their attacks on website and this rarely leads back to the hackers.


The website owner should take the responsibility to keep all the details on the website safe and even the users or the customers before submitting their information or any bank account details like ATM pin should make sure that the website is safe.

You can also take the help of leading Website Development Company like Techasoft for the development of you website so that it is completely safe.

Some of the ways in which you can ensure that the website is safe are mentioned below :

1 ) HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure: Give the website's URL a glance and look for HTTPS instead of HTTP as the S in the URL stands for security. It is also known as the SSL certificate. This certificate makes sure that your data is secure as it is passed from your browser to the website. And for that you need to buy SSL certificate and enable it at website.

2 ) Look for the contact information of the website: You can collect information about the website and website security services then you can be more assured about how trust worthy the website is. Also a safe website will surely display an email id and a contact number. Research indicates that 44% of the users leave the website without contact information.

3 ) Know the signs of malware: The website may even have a malware with SSL certificate and contact information. In this case look for the signs of malware like

  • Defacements – hackers usually replace the company's logo with their logo name or imagery.
  • Suspicious pop-ups or malvertising.

4 ) The trust seal: If you see icons like 'verified' and ‘trusted’ then know that the website is secure as it is the trust seal.


Hope this article helped you to know how to keep you website safe and free from malware’s. It had all the information you needed to know about the website security and in order to just see whether the websites are safe you can have a look at the websites of the leading Website Development Company like Techasoft and these companies can even help you build your websites with full protection and guarantee you 100% security as well.

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