10 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

10 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO

Most of the Search Engine Optimization tools are very different from each other. Some of them have better keywords, some have better-linked data and others offer better technical suggestions. And there are various Search Engine Optimization tools that you can use for yourself.

Given below are the 10 best free chrome extensions for SEO


This chrome extension lets you view the keyword data from Google search results and it also provides you with related keywords hiding under people also search for options. This information makes it very easy to run keyword research automatically from the SERP.


The concept of domain authority is used by this Chrome Extension and it means that the higher your domain authority is higher your position will be in a search engine Browser. This chrome extension tells you about the domain authority and the page authority for any page present on the web. This tool becomes very advantageous if you are searching the web for your competitors and it can quickly show how you can stack up to them and analyze the most authoritative pages.

Similar Web

Every website wants more traffic on their website and it always does not mean that it will generate more revenue. This Chrome extension helps you predict the accurate traffic on your website. You get your traffic data without going back to their side and with this tool, you can find traffic data for the last 6 months and it also provides information about Bounce rate, average pages per visit, and the duration of the visit. 

Redirect Path

This is one of the most popular technical Search Engine Optimization tools. If you are changing your URL then this extension will help you if something is going wrong. With this extension you can quickly find if the redirect is broken or working correctly.


On-page SEO Checker by Sitechecker is an Chrome extension that allows you to do On-Page SEO audits. When you activate this extension, you will get a report that will show you how well optimized your content is and show you the page load speed. Also, this tool will check all external and internal links and find all redirects and broken links.


Facebook is a major source of traffic as it can drive a lot of traffic to your website. When you are surfing through the web you will end up with articles and some of them will be related to your competitor sites and you will want to know if this article was good enough for the visitor. With this extensions tool, you can find out how many times the article was shared on social media and how many times it was given as a backlink. This provides a good idea about the content that you want to create for your business.

Meta SEO Inspector

With the help of this Chrome extension tool, you can easily find if your Meta tags are set up correctly and there are no errors that can kill any of your Traffic. 

Check My Links

This is similar to redirect path Extension and you will spend more time completing technical Search Engine Optimization and researching your competition. The more link data you can have the better your results will be. External links can also boost your ranking. 

Pagespeed Insights

The loading time of your pages can impact your ranking in search engines very greatly and with most of the search being done from mobile devices you will need to have your load time very less. With the help of this extension, you can quickly see what are the things that you need to improvise in your website so that your load time decreases.

SEO Minion

This extension also helps in breaking down hreflang data that are needed when you want to target other regions and languages. 


This extension is the easiest way to get details over you about your side. This extension can provide you a detailed overview of the things including Alexa ranks indexing information for Google and Bing as well as your SEMrush rank. From this report, you can find specific reports such as density and diagnosis reports. The density report helps you break down keyword density on any given page and you do not need to be obsessed with keyword density. However, if you do not mention a Keyword that you want to rank for the chances are that you won't get a rank for it. In a diagnosis report, you can get information about on-page SEO elements on any given page. The best feature of this extension tool is that you can perform a Google search and you will be given information on every site that is ranked.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the options when it comes to Search Engine Optimization extension tools for Chrome. You will need to find the one that is most suitable for your needs and it is very easy to choose one of the extension tools from above. You do not need to use all of them but you can use any of them or also a combination of these so that your site is completely optimized. 

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