10 Best Practices for an Effective Mobile App Onboarding

10 Best Practices for an Effective Mobile App Onboarding

You might surely remember the days before the brilliant concept of on-boarding was even introduced. How puzzling it was to figure out an app on your own like as if it was a game of guessing about which option directs to where, what it does and how to do certain things. Now, things have become simpler, let's see how.

What Is Mobile App Onboarding?

App Onboarding is basically an efficient method used by the organizations to enable users to comprehend your application and its functions.

10 Best Practices For Mobile App Onboarding

Below mentioned are the ten best practices that you must keep in mind while onboarding flow for mobile apps:

  • Highlight Value Proposition

Yes, it is true that all those exciting features and impressive functionality is imperative, but if you really want to win customers for a long time, you must show your customers or users what they can achieve using those awesome features in your app.

  • Ask Only For Information You Really Need

It is common for some apps to require data access or permissions so as to provide only the best user experience and if your app is one of them, then you would have to ask the users to allow your app to access certain needed data through the use of permission requests.

  • Showcase Core Features of App

Now, when we say that you need to highlight the value, it doesn't mean that the features should remain brushed under the carpet, infact the users must also comprehend the core features that you have built in your app.

  • Make It Quick To Avoid Overwhelming Users

Onboarding flow for mobile apps is crucial, but it doesn’t really mean that you dump a dozen screens on the users that they have to slide through to get the deal. This can really ruin the entire user experience and text-heavy explanations tend to overwhelm the users, so it is really better to go for app screenshots to communicate the message.

  • Keep Your Sign-Up Process Short And Simple

If getting the users to sign up to your app is critical to you then the way you design your sign-up process can be quite a challenge because it has to be in such a way that no one turns back looking at the signup process. Ideally the sign-up process you design in your app should be quick and easy and we keep that in mind while designing.

  • Offer Contextual Instructions Only

Offering long winded tutorials right at the beginning brings forth a very challenging usability issue that is making the user work right from the start. In such a case, the users have to read all the information at the time of trying to commit it all to their mind.

  • Add Value To Inevitable Empty States

The main value of an app or a website is the content that it offers, and most of the clients use the apps with the main focus on the content. Hence, it is very essential that you pay all your attention to the way the empty states are been designed. Empty states are the spots in the user journey where a user might not have added or generated any content till now so you need to make sure to add value to the inevitable empty states.

  • Leverage Success States Intelligently

Positive and good experiences encourage the users, especially when they are using your application for the first time. This increases the chances of them using your app again and again. The exact moment when a user completes an important task for the very first time is an opportune moment which you can use to create a positive and a connecting, emotional connection between them and your application.

  • Measure, Test & Tweak Onboarding Flow

Like any other process, the success of your onboarding flow for mobile apps needs to be measured as well and the metrics you choose are quite critical in figuring out whether your current user onboarding is successful or not and which aspects need to be improved for future use.

  • Offer Them Option To Skip

Though a considerable and huge number of customers find an onboarding process of great help, there is a short percentage that may not find it so charming and these customers or app users may not want the handholding which you are offering through your onboarding process and hence, offer them the option to skip so that everyone can be happy.



When you are designing the whole onboarding process, it is imperative to keep in mind that the intent of this process is to make things easy for the app user to start using the app and not to overwhelm them by the complexities of the app. They should be able to go through the entire onboarding flow without getting frustrated or blank about any of the steps and should look forward to completing the entire process before diving into the real content in it. We, at Techasoft, have years od experience in this very field and so you can trust us completely with this work and allow us to lend a helping hand to design your site or app.

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