10 Best Website Development Frameworks To Use

10 Best Website Development Frameworks To Use

From highly versatile React in the front end to the uniqueness of Ruby in the backend, there are various development frameworks available in the market that can be used to design and develop simple websites to Complex applications altogether. So if you want to choose a development Framework for your business, you will need to research the functionalities of different frameworks and what they are ideal for. In this article, we are discussing the top 10 development frameworks that are available to all different businesses to use and their features.

1) React JS

Facebook created this Framework in 2013, and it has gained a lot of popularity in the web Development Industry. It is considered one of the best JavaScript frameworks by every programmer. It can also be used as a cross-platform mobile development framework, and it has achieved great dominance over a significant share in the mobile market. 

Features of React JS are –

* Unidirectional Data Binding. 

* Flexibility across Web & Mobile.

* Virtual DOM.

* Easy Learning & Expanding. 

* Increased Speed & Performance. 

* Highly compatible with vast Libraries. 

* Highly Stable Code.

2) Angular

It was introduced by Google in 2010, and after they released another version by the name angular 2.0, it has become more stable. Angular grabbed the attention of several big technological players and developers. Google always maintained the consistency of the Framework with the help of regular updates, the addition of new features and functions. With the latest update of angular 10, it is considered as one of the best web development Frameworks for the frontend. 

Features of Angular are – 

* Bidirectional Data binding. 

* Modular development structure. 

* Ease in Maintaining. 

* Dependency Injection. 

* TypeScript-based (superset of JavaScript).

* High performance for Single Page Hefty Apps. 

* Offers great flexibility. 

3) Vue JS

This is also a very prestigious framework of JavaScript, which is capable of creating stunning user interfaces. It was also created by a Google employee that rectified complexities that were present in the angular Framework. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, it is considered the best web development framework globally. 

Advantages of using Vue are – 

* Virtual DOM

* Splendid Transitions

* Simple Syntax & Integration

* Small Size (compatibility)

* Easy to understand

* Offers organized Documentation

4) Ember JS

This Framework was released in 2011, and it is now this Framework was released in 2011. It is now considered the most productive JavaScript Framework that uses components service paradigm and focuses on developing models through HTML and CSS. After its up-gradation and launch of 2.0, it has achieved better stabilization and is popular for developing maintainable and recyclable JavaScript web applications. This feature saves a lot of time and has earned its place in the best web development framework. 

Ember JS features are –

* Stability without Stagnation

* Gigantic Ecosystem

* Built-in functionalities

* Optimistic & Prudent web standards

* Integrity with massive Codebase.

5) Backbone JS

This is one of the lightest JavaScript frameworks, and it is based on a model view presenter. It was created by Jeremy, who was also responsible for the development of CoffeeScript and Underscore js. There are several reasons why it is regarded as one of the best web development frameworks. 

These features are –

* Automatically update HTML code

* 100+ extensions are available

* Backend syncing that gives great support to RESTful APIs

* Allows you to omit tedious coding if you're using Backbone conventions

* Allows you to develop compact web applications using jQuery

6) Django

This is a Python-based server-side Framework that offers very easy development to even complex data-driven websites. Working with a highly functional web application with the syntax rule of python helps programmers to write readable, clean, and easy to maintain code. Currently, it is one of the most recognized web developments Framework that is used to develop the backend of web applications.

Some of the features that make it a very dominant Framework are –

* Standalone web server for development & testing

* Stimulates the custom web application development

* Batteries-included web framework

* MVC (Model-View-Controller) Paradigm

* Compatible with vast OS and Databases

* Enhanced Security

* Huge proactive community

7) Laravel

PHP is a web development language that has greatly impacted the complete web Development Industry for some decades. Currently, Laravel is the most popular Framework used with PHP, and Taylor Otwell created it. It can help you create exceptional web applications for small and medium-sized Enterprises to multi-million organizations. This web development Framework provides a lot of flexibility, focusing on every segment of the industry. 

Some features of this Framework are-

* Command Line Interface

* Easy Migrations

* Database System Support

* MVC Architecture

* Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM) 

* Modular Systems and Libraries

* Built-in command "Artisan"

8) Ruby on Rails

This is a server-side web framework that is based on a model view controller. This is written in the Ruby language that focuses on software engineering Paradigms, including don't repeat yourself and convention over configuration. This Framework was launched in 2005. From the start, it has affected the web Development Industry and became one of the best backend Frameworks that gives a lot of competition to all other web development technologies. There are many e reasons for the increase in the popularity of the Ruby on Rails framework. 

The features are as follows –

* Supports AJAX Library

* Action view & mailer

* Using Rails API

* Allows Customized Library

* Rake Command enabled

* Automated Deployment

* Active Record Pattern

9) Flask

This is also a web development framework based on Python language and can be used in the backend development of your website. It is considered a micro-framework, and it does not need any kind of libraries and tools for database abstraction layers to work smoothly. However, with the help of built-in development server fast debugging facilities, it can easily be developed some great applications that you dream of. According to the current market trends, it is considered the second-best Python Framework after Django, and it has and its place in the best development frameworks list. 

Key features are –

* Integrated support for unit testing

* Unicode-base

* WSGI 1.0 compliant

* Offers extensive Documentation

* Built-in Development server

* Fast debugging

* Compatible with Google App Engine

10) Node JS

Node.js is a JavaScript Framework that can be used for the server-side and your company's front and website development. It is not considered as a Framework but a real Runtime environment. It is based on the Chrome V8 engine. This engine is made for JavaScript, and node.js gained a lot of popularity when the MEAN STACK development was introduced that allowed integration of angular Express MongoDB and node. Over the last few years, the node has become very award and improvised that helped this Framework make its way into the best web development framework. 

Some of the features of node.js are – 

* Fast processing with Robust technology stack

* Seamless JSON Support

* MVP development

* Simple & Easy to learn

* An event-based model with a rich ecosystem

* Effortless scalability

Wrapping Up

These are the top 10 best web development frameworks that have proven themselves great and are very popular on different platforms. You can choose any one of these, and your work will be completed easily. However, if you do not have any experience related to coding, it might be the best option to leave this to the professionals so that they can create the best website for your business. Techasoft is one of the most trusted web development companies that provide you are all kinds of websites working with different kinds of frameworks excellently. It becomes very easy when you have one of the best website development companies by your side. 

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