10 Must Have Features Of An Online Learning Platform

10 Must Have Features Of An Online Learning Platform

The goal of an online education platform is to provide students with educational content. Unlike a textbook, the platform is an interactive medium where students may interact with the knowledge. As a result, these platforms are in high demand in colleges and schools all around the world. Because every institute wants their pupils to comprehend concepts and their real-world applications.

Due to the growing demand, various online education platforms have been developed and made available on the market, putting educational institutions in a bind. What criteria do they use to determine which platform is best for their students? Every vendor claims to have the most effective learning platform for students and teachers. They all have a number of characteristics that are more or less comparable.

So, what is the distinguishing feature that you should seek while choosing an online learning platform?

Features Of An Online Learning Platform

1. Interface that is simple to utilise

First and foremost, we require a user-friendly interface. The icons and text should be easy to read and understand. Teachers and students must be able to easily navigate the app. Many teachers are still getting acclimated to using eBooks and other online content delivery platforms in the classroom.

Because teachers are expected to create courseware, they must be confident in their ability to use the platform effectively. The tool should be created in such a way that someone who isn't familiar with coding may easily use and run it. Students would enjoy a platform that is simple to use and operates effectively.

2. Reading on the go

It must be accessible both online and offline, even if it is an online education platform. Some content may be downloaded and read later by students. Students should not be denied the opportunity to study if there is no internet access. As a result, consumers must be able to download content and read it offline.

3. Platform hosted in the cloud

Make sure the platform is cloud-based. In other words, all of the data is preserved in the cloud. You can be confident that your content is always accessible from anywhere and at any time if you use a cloud-based solution. Furthermore, it can be updated as needed, with the changes mirrored in all students' eBooks.

4. Personalised branding

An institution would like a platform that allows for some customisation. The learning platform must contain the institute's brand image/logo and colour palette, just as all of the learning tools given by the institute have their branding on them.

Rather than employing a third-party service, it will provide the pupils a sense of belonging. As a result, you should seek an Online Learning Platform Development Company which can give you a white-label platform that you may tailor to your taste.

5. Instruments for evaluation

Quizzes and tests are an integral element of the educational process. To keep students involved and interested in the course, make sure the programme allows you to generate several types of quizzes. You may create quizzes in a variety of formats, including drag and drop, match the pairs, answer in a few words, labelling, multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, and so on.

Teachers must be able to add quizzes to any part of the course module, including at the end of each chapter and in between chapters. Teachers must be able to review and provide feedback on assessments over the internet.

6. Elements that are interactive

The platform should allow you to include interactive components. Quizzes, audio files, films, simulations, and gamification are examples of online interactivities. Students should be able to take notes and share them with their classmates or teachers, bookmark pages, search for information, highlight text, and so on.

Students will be more engaged with the courseware if interactive components are included. As a result, look for all of the platform's interactivities.

7. DRM (Digital Rights Management)/Content Security

You should have complete control over the material on the platform. You can use DRM protection to encrypt your eBook and prevent it from unlawful usage and download. Only those who have the access codes will be able to view the courses.

8. Analytics

An analytic tool can be used to assess the efficacy of a learning programme as well as the effectiveness of the teacher. It will provide precise information about each student's learning style. This report is necessary for teachers to obtain actionable information.

They can learn how much content each student consumes, what % of the course is completed, and so on. This data allows them to improve their teaching methods, change course content, or devote extra attention to a struggling student.

9. Access, validity, and licences

Find out if the technology allows teachers to provide each student an individual licence or build a group licence. Access codes are generated based on the licence type, and students can use these to access the eBooks. Inquire about the licences' validity as well.

Some platforms allow teachers to determine the course's validity for each student, after which the students will no longer be able to access the course. Educators have control over who can read the content thanks to licences and access codes.

10. Device-independent

The online learning platform must be device independent. Because it is an application, it must work on a wide range of devices and operating systems. Students may use devices that run on multiple operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, or Android.

You should choose a learning platform that can distribute material across all devices and operating systems. This eliminates the need for kids and their parents to purchase a new gadget that is compatible with the learning platform.

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