10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

“What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Romeo and Juliet

Thus said Juliet in a Shakespeare’s evergreen play of the star crossed lovers.

This may be true in philosophy, but not so much in business. For a business ‘name’ is everything. It is the identity, the brand of a business, and a name can make or break it. Every business has its own name and even the website of the business has its own name. As a business, I am sure that you are aware of the two times christening. On a serious note, a business does need to register a domain name for its website. And today, I am here to discuss the same with you, it’s about - ‘Domain name suggestions’

The term ‘domain name’ stands for a string of identification of your website. It is the address of your website which the users can type in the address bar of your web browser. Simply put, a domain name is the name that you give to your website. It is a part of the URL or Uniform Resource Locator. URL is the universal address of the resources on the internet or the World Wide Web. While the URL is the address of a webpage, it contains within it the domain name of the website to which the webpage contains. Domain name is that part of URL which is rather easily recognizable. Or at least, it should be easily recognizable.

The TLD or the Top Level Domain is the last part of your domain name which comes after the last dot. It is also called the Domain Name Extension. Choosing of the TLD is also an important aspect while deciding upon the perfect name.

If you are a business starting your own website, a domain name is the identity of your website. So, for deciding the domain name of your website, take your time and choose. We are here to aid you. So, take a look at my tips for choosing the perfect domain name below and choose wisely.

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name:

1) They Are Typing It: This should be your first and foremost consideration while choosing a domain name. Remember the users are going to type your domain name. The least you can do is keep it easy to type.

2) Don’t Be Difficult: Keep your domain name simple and short. In the fast-paced world today, length matters as it affects the speed. It’s even better if the name has words that are frequently used in our daily lives. So, come on and be predictable rather than difficult.

3) Punctuation Is a Big No: Your Domain name extension comes after a ‘.’ / ‘dot’. Other than that, avoid the use of any punctuation marks such as hyphens and @, etc. Complicating things should be avoided at any cost.

4) Spellings Can Be Problematic: It might sound as if I am laying out grammar rules, but hey, please avoid using names that are difficult to spell. Also, avoid words that may have more than one spelling. For example, experience and experience. This will just complicate things.

5) Buying The Wrong Spellings: You can buy the domain names with the misspellings of your domain name. Thus, if anyone miss-types your domain name, they will be directed to your original domain name. Just be ready and remember it is going to cost you some.

6) Don’t Copy Copyrighted: The name you choose may already be trademarked by someone else. It is of utmost importance that you make sure that the domain name you choose is not trademarked or copyrighted. So, research and make sure that it is not. Otherwise, there may be legal implications and it might cost your pocket a lot.

7) .com Is The Thing, Or Maybe Not: .com is the domain name extension which is known by all. It is the TLD that everyone tends to type. Even some of the mobile keyboards has a ‘.com’ key. If you want your users to remember your domain name extension, .com is your best option. However, every rule has exceptions and if you are a local business, you can opt for a local Domain Name Extension. For example, if you are a business within India, you could go for ‘.in’ extension. This will help your customers within India to locate you on the World Wide Web.

8) Make Every ‘.’ into ‘.com’: If you choose ‘.com’ domain name extension for your website, you can buy other domain name extensions too and divert them to your domain name. Thus no matter if the user types .com or .in or .co or .net, etc. they’ll land onto your website.

9) Buying Back The One You Like: If the domain name you choose for you business is taken, don’t be sad. It is possible that the one who owns that domain name might be ready to sell it out. So, may just buy it back. Of course, be sure to check out the history of the domain name in such case. Make sure that the domain name has no wrong image attached to it, or else you may end up tarnishing the identity of your business.

10) Take Help: Last but not the least, if you are stuck somewhere while choosing your domain name, do take help of some Domain name generators. These tools are here to help you. It’s no loss in getting suggestions; after all, the ultimate call is yours to make. Also, as soon as you are decided, buy the domain name, or else someone else may end up buying it right from under your nose.

I hope these Domain name suggestions ideas by Techasoft were helpful. Keep these 10 tips in mind and get for your business a domain name which creates a brand for you and can be found easily.

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