10 Tips For Increase Sales With Proper Web Design

10 Tips For Increase Sales With Proper Web Design


Website design takes an important place in business. It is the main driving force of business sales. If your website undergoes heavy traffic but it does not turn in to sales this is a time to know where you have done wrong in your website design. conversion rate is defined as the rate when traffic turns in to leads. If your conversion takes at a very high rate it creates a great profit and business. Every owner wants a website that converts leads to customers. Good web design allows the customer to buy or contact which creates a higher conversion rate. Perfect web design can engage a customer with the website through the long term. How to increase website sales conversion? The question comes in every website owner in order to solve this type of digital issues. Techasoft is the only choice. It is a web design company in Bangalore that provides an incomparable experience in terms of website designing. Here we have a group of creative designers who design websites at a topnotch quality.


Include Compelling CTAs:

CTAs means a call to action button. It is a very important one that promotes sales, customer generation, leads, etc. Including a call to actions are mandatory while marketing and promoting business. Take care of the CTAs buttons which should be in an attractive color, proper place, and prominent design. The button can be as of any type like lead generation, social media sharing, read more button, etc.

Add Videos To Your Website:

Sales and conversions can be increased by-product videos which leads to a better understanding of the website. For business, sales have been increased by 144 percent compared to nonvideo sites. We can include product description videos or service explanations which make us different from competitors.

Make Sure The Design Appeals To The Audience:

When we design a website we should consider the target audience and apply the color, font, design and theme catchy and attractive for the audience. For example, a contrast, flashy and normal text can reduce the website viewers. while designing a website one should put yourself in the shoe of customer and design based on the needs of the customer.

Ensure Your Website Is Easy To Use:

A simple website can attract more customers than a complex one. The navigation and structure of the website should be user-friendly and compatible to use with the directions and it should not redirect into dead-end page links and the wordings should be simple to grab the audience which results in high conversion rates.

You Need A Secure And Simple Checkout:

If the payment-related activities are more simple and easy to handle it can earn a good impact over the internet. If the visitors buy any goods or services from your website if the arrangement is very crucial it may leads to loss of sales. In order to avoid this always add a variety of payment methods, do not ask unnecessary login credentials and other irrelevant information.

Add Trust Elements:

Include trust elements such as logos, batch, testimonials and case study which builds trust oriented loyalty in terms of short term and long term commitments. It shows the user that you can deliver the product and services with better quality. It is a better platform to showcase your skills and qualification.

Free Offers:

If you provide free things or white paper, be sure that it sounds loud. It should fulfill customers of all types of needs and problems. Be Careful that the offer didn’t come with viruses and other damages which can lead to loss of customer trust and a decrease in quality and trust.

Short Forms:

Always use short forms of text to ensure a good conversion flow because a customer doesn't spend a lot of time filling such as name, address, location, and other long information and make it as simple. For better response avoid the captcha test.

Virtual Chat:

It is the best tactic to improve the sales most of the people favor a quick online chat rather than queries. Enabling this option can increase the level of trust. A live chat tend to increase a lot of responses among the visitors to the website


Ensure the use of bold headlines to get a perfect range of traffic. Any type of detail regarding content, results, products, timings and the end result. When it is bold it is easy to see to the visitors. When it is noticeable it can create a huge drive amount of sales.


The above are the great tips to improve the sales by implementing every step with considerable care it earns the good nature of the business. Techsoft considers all the above criteria and provides you the best website design with proper design elements and factors.

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