10 Tips To Kick-Start An Amazing Software Developer Career

10 Tips To Kick-Start An Amazing Software Developer Career

By 2030 the total number of software developers worldwide is estimated to reach 45 million – which was 23.9 million in 2018. 

So, if you are qualified enough and if you develop your career as a software developer; you can be a part of those 45 million potential software developers. To top it off, the increase in software developer jobs is predicted to increase by about 15% within a decade. Thus, if you decide to create a software developer career for yourselves, be rest assured, you have a bright future ahead. Now that you see the prospects, surely, you may be wondering how to become a software engineer? Well, here are some tips for all you potential software developers on how you can create an amazing career for yourselves.

10 Tips To Kick-start An Amazing Software Developer Career:

  • Know Coding Like The Back Of Your Hand:

Knowing Coding is the most basic requirement of your software developer career. You need to code ever day, without fail. Practice makes man perfect, and to become a perfect software engineer, you need to practice and learn everything about programming languages.

  • Develop Good Soft Skills:

As a tech person, you may be something like a typical geek, and even prefer your own company to others. However, you need some soft skills to land that perfect job you are dreaming about. After all, you need to pass those interviews, and be able to communicate well with your superiors, management, etc. And even if you are working individually, you’ll need those skills to interact with your clients.

  • Be A Pro At Debugging:

As software engineer/developer, only being good at coding is not enough, you need to be a pro at finding out the bugs and debugging. This is another major skill which you need to be absolutely good at. 

  • Do Not Restrict Yourselves To A Single Speciality:

A jack of all trades is master of none – Not always! As a developer, it’s not good sticking to a single programming language. You need to lean and get acquainted with as many languages as possible. This way, you’ll have more opportunities. At least at the start of your software developer career, you should be able to work with any of the popular languages. You can always specialize later on in your career.

  • Start With Your Projects:

At the start of a job, in between jobs, or even when you are working a developer job; building your own projects is always a good option. The project is your idea, your baby; so that no matter how many difficulties you face, you’ll be motivated to work on it. Also, you’ll have these projects in your portfolio to show your employers. 

  • Partner With Other Individuals:

You may have the knowledge, but it’s better if you are able to get some experienced input or feedback. You can achieve this by partnering with other individuals for projects. Make sure your partner(s) is more experienced than you, and you are the one doing the work, while your partner is guiding you. This’ll help you get an idea of different mind sets of different developers and hone your skills.

  • Join A Well-known Software Development Company:

Some of you may be insistent on starting on your own and reelancing may be the option you choose. You might not want be tied down with a typical job. However, we suggest, you get some experience working for a well-known Software Development Company. The experience of any big company on your Resume is going to give your software development career a boost like nothing else. There is no need to work with them for too long, rather we suggest you change companies as it’ll give you a range of experiences. 

  • Be A Part Of Online Communities:

There are a lot of online platforms for software developers where others like you will be joining with whom you can have discussions. You can get advices and even your questions will find answers from professionals in your field.

  • Write Blog Posts:

Writing technical blog posts is the need of today. You should write about various coding concepts in your blogs. This will give other developers as well as your potential employers a glimpse of your problem-solving process, the working of your mind and method of organizing your thoughts.

  • Raise The Bar For Yourselves:

You have a project, you have found a simple solution for it and you are done. However, we suggest, it should not be about merely completing a project simply and quickly. You should not stop and try to do more than what is expected of you. If you are overachieving; your employers will see a lot more potential, passion, and sincerity in you. 

These were some of the pointers you will surely find helpful in your search of finding the answer to how to become a software engineer. As a last tip, we suggest that if you are decided on making a career out of software development, you take your first step immediately. So, go and enrol yourselves for a coding course. Remember, well begun is half done.

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