10+ True Alternatives To Udemy For Selling Online Courses

10+ True Alternatives To Udemy For Selling Online Courses

Are you looking for alternatives to Udemy? If yes, then you are on the right page as there are tons of people actually want Online Course Providers in order to help them with the course recommendation engine, learning paths, as well as reliable channels. We, at Techasoft, have compiled a list of all the major Online Course Providers that reviewers have voted to be the best overall when compared to Udemy. Based on the reviewer data, you can see how Udemy stacks up to the competition, search for the reviews from current and previous users, and then find the best fit for your business or Skillshare. Techaedu, Skillshare, Pluralsight Skills, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and CBT Nuggets are some of the most popular alternatives and competitors to Udemy. So now, let us look at alternatives to Udemy that are popular for selling online courses

1. Techaedu

Techaedu is a top learning management system software that provides live online courses to everyone. It offers 24/7 team support, and high completion rates of the courses. The website is mainly tech oriented at the present moment, but there is also several other categories that are gaining momentum and will soon make a hit in the market. Undoubtedly, Techaedu stands on the top of the list when it comes to the alternatives to Udemy due to the quality content, support, completion rate and updated courses that they provide. The educators are quite happy working for this platform and they urge more quality, learned and experienced professors to share their knowledge with the world. 

2. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning which was formerly known as, teachers are very effective and passionate educators. They are also some of the most respected authorities in software, creative, business and various other fields. They are basically here to share their expertise in dozens of subjects and domains with you, with courses that are organized into eight main subject areas. You can enroll for the courses and start learning right away. 

3. Curious

Like Udemy, Curious is also quite video-focused, thereby providing a set of tools in order to help teachers organize their videos, add exercises and many other types of interactivity with the learners. When it comes to marketing your content out to its base of learners, the company Curious, touts a “multi-channel approach and classic marketing techniques such as organic search that is Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising that is Search Engine Marketing, direct marketing and of course, the most important social media marketing. Teachers and professors on this platform earn money through revenue sharing and referral bounties. Curious says that 70% of the earnings goes to teachers and in return, the teachers leave no stone unturned to teach their learners with all their heart. 

4. Skillsoft

Skillsoft is an innovative leader selling online courses, online training and talent solutions. It does so for an enterprise organization’s most valuable resource that is its people. Skillsoft's 165,000+ courses, videos, modules and books are accessed for roughly more than 130 million times every single month, in 160 countries and in 29 different languages. With 100% cloud access, anytime, anywhere, you can have access to the courses and learn from your comfort. 

5. Cloud Guru

Cloud Guru is a company that was founded by engineers. It is still comprised of engineers who have an aim of building the world's largest cloud computing school to teach the future engineers with the best possible ways. They have delivered training to more than a half million students till date and they are still on a mission to teach the world to cloud. They are totally having fun doing so, why don't you join their courses and start learning cloud today? 

6. Skillshare

Skillshare is probably one of the best known contenders among Udemy alternatives. It consists of professional instructors with tools to create online courses that are composed of video lessons as well as a class project. All the online classes do have these two elements which makes learning even more fruitful. Classes are normally around 10-25 minutes long and they are further broken down into short videos. Indeed,all of them are pre recorded and self paced but you can ask your doubts and have a discussion over it anytime. They have amazing offers for their premium members. Once you are a partner with them, you will also get compensated for the new Premium Members that is $10 per member that you bring to Skillshare through your Teacher Referral link. 

7. is a relative newcomer among the long list of Udemy alternatives. However, given that it has the backing of The Economist Group that is the publishers of the widely-read financial magazine, you can expect it to be a really strong contender. Needless to say, it has come really far in such a less time. We recommend that you don't miss this opportunity and go look for the value they provide on this platform. 

8. Simpliv

Simlpliv primarily focuses on the online learning for business concepts, software technology, as well as personal and professional goals. Like most of the websites that are listed here, the learning is primarily video driven here as well. The company provides two scenarios for the course authors to earn money. The first scenario is a 50- 50 split on any sales which happen organically through a visitor finding out the course on the Simpliv site and second one is through referrals and code used to enroll for the courses. Overall it is a good platform and you can check out the courses they provide in order to enroll. 

9. Skillwise

Skillwise is brand of Stack Commerce, a top notch company which has built a very large global distribution network for online content. Be it online courses or online modules, they are accessed by a lot of learners. Instructors get 50 percent of the sales that take place on their site and this brings in some of the best educators to provide content to the learners all across the globe. 

10. WizIQ

For experts those who want to deliver live and on demand Webinars, WizIQ is an old standby among the Udemy alternatives. WizIQ is the option that is most focused on Webinars as a form of delivery hence being unique. The company provides a platform to the teachers through which they can easily offer a live Webinar session along with slides, desktop sharing, audio, and video that is everything combined. Webinars can also be recorded for on demand access by the learners and this makes it even more lucrative. 

11. OfCourse

OfCourse describes itself as a lifestyle and self enhancement online learning platform which is backed by video led courses. It hosts the video sessions to over 9 million people across the United Kingdom alone. In addition to the large audiences in Australia, The UAE, and Scandinavia, this company provides a very good earning to the teachers and content providers and that is why, it is preferred by so many people out there. OfCourse claims that there is a high potential to earn £1,000’s in passive income every month per head and so, you can imagine the quality of content available on this website. 

12. Khan Academy

We are sure you must have heard the name of Khan Academy at least once in your life. Yes, it is that popular and this company provides really good content to its learners. Be it practice exercises, online tests, instructional videos, learning modules, study discussions or a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace, Khan Academy stands tall in thr market offering courses all across the globe. It offers its courses online as well as offline in several cities and at the end of it, a certificate is being issued that the learners can flaunt anywhere and everywhere. It is definitely a great platform to consider if you're looking for selling your online course to as many learners as possible. 

13. Teachlr

Teachlr is yet another online course selling company that has a nice interface and is reminiscent of Udemy. Although it does not have as wide-ranging catalog as Udemy does, at this point, Teachlr is definitely going to rock in the coming time. Instructors can easily deliver on-demand and live online courses at their comfort and with full support of the team. According to the terms of use of Teachlr, you get an advantage to set your own prices. Not only this, you also get to keep 70 percent of the revenues and this is really motivating to many teachers out there. The company appears to be based in Venzuela right now and it offers a lot of Spanish language content through its catalog so you can go and check it out once if interested.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there is a plethora of options that you can choose from when it comes to selling online courses. To those of you who are looking for an alternative to Udemy, we highly suggest that you take this list seriously as we have tried our best to compile all the important and major platforms here. We hope that this article helped you and in case you want to earn handsome amount of money by selling your online course, Techaedu is always up for it. You can get in touch with our team, have a fruitful discussion and get set over your work today. We believe in education never goes waste and that is why, we are here to provide you a platform that can bring the teachers and learners closer.

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