12 Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Conversions

12 Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Conversions

The Design of the website can make or break the success of the website. Web Design mistakes can create a negative impact on the website’s success. Most people think that conversion rate optimization is totally dependent upon content. A wrong web design element can hold your site.

In online businesses, building site credibility is harder than in real life as people can’t see your face. People will depend on your web design to trust your brand. Your site needs to be crafted and designed in such a way that it attracts your target audience.  In this post, we are going to share  some common Mistakes To avoid while Website Designing

The Common Web Design mistakes

  • An Obsolete Website Design

If your website design is outdated, then it’s time to upgrade your web design with the new design elements. There is always some innovative technology that demands the designers to upgrade the design. If your website is old looking, most visitors will click away quickly and move on to your competitors. Modern website design is important to maintain your conversion rate. 

  • Poor Navigation

Your website navigation plays a key role in converting visitors into customers. Navigation is the best way to reach your brand. If you perfectly executed the right navigation techniques, your visitor will find an easier way to do the action as per their choice. If your website navigation is clumsy, your audience will leave the site and never come back to your website again.

  • No Prominent “Call to Action” Button

Your website has an end goal to achieve. Whether you want your visitors to sign-up for a mailing list, contact you, request a code, there has to be a specific end goal. You have to make it clear that your main objective is. If the call to action button is not present, you will lose your potential audience.

  • Slow Loading Time 

Slow page loading time can result in low website conversions. No one likes to wait for a website that takes more time to load. Users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to leave a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds.

  • Overuse Of Colours

Using too many colors in your website can affect its conversion rates. Understanding color psychology is crucial to choose the perfect color for your website. Use color wisely to highlight buttons, links, and enhance the user’s overall web experience. We suggest you limit your palette to about 2 to 3 colors only.

  • Using Cheesy Stock Images

Images are an important part of website designs. Visual media is the best tool to influence the reader's mind. Visual content drives more engagement rates. If you use the cheesy stock images then it can lower your credibility. So, avoid cheesy images to maintain your image among consumers.

  • Choice Overload

If your visitors are overwhelmed with choices, they find it difficult to take the decision. There are many drawbacks you will experience when you give choice overload for your visitors. Some common effects are less customer satisfaction, users will get confused and low profit.

  • Adding Too Many Banners

If your website has large images and lots of banners, the website will appear as one big advertisement platform. Banners are great revenue generators but they could negatively affect conversion rates.

  • Unreadable Copy

If your copy or text is clumsy then it will affect your conversion rates. If you use weirdly-shaped fonts and large text blocks, it will make the site hard to read. 

To design good content follow the below-mentioned techniques 

  1. Select legible font styles
  2. Write short sentences 
  3. Always align text to left
  •  Not Having A Search Box

The search box is the potential tool that every website should have to gain the attention of the audience. Nobody wants to use navigation links to search through the website because we are all busy and we don’t find time to search manually.

  • Cluttered Design

The complexity of the design makes it difficult for visitors to absorb your content. Excessive use of images, styling, and images makes your website cluttered.

  • Using Too Many Plugins

Plugins let the website introduce new features to the website. There are so many free plugins available on the internet. If you use too many plugins then it can affect your page loading time.


I hope this article about Mistakes To avoid while Website Designing can help you to design unique websites. Use this blog as a checklist to fix your Web Design mistakes now. Techasoft is the top Website Design Company in Bangalore. We can create a unique website for your business to generate more conversion rates.

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