5 Reasons Why You Need An LMS With Social Media Integration

5 Reasons Why You Need An LMS With Social Media Integration

Social media has become a part of every human life due to its features and advantages. it acts as a medium to connect with people around the world and also, We can easily know what is happening in the other part of the world through widely available information in the form of videos, blogs, images, forms, and more which help better engagement with people around the world. Social media acts as a tool to spend our time wisely via discussions, games, and experiences for various groups of people hence it is now considered as the perfect platform for both personal and professional growth. Hence many enterprises are now going for a Learning management system (LMS) that can integrate social media to make eLearning more engaging for their employees. An LMS with social media integration derives many benefits including effective participation of the user, increased organic traffic, and more bounce rate. Training and development are the two important pillars of an organization in all sectors regardless of their size. If the company train their employee in advance, they can generate revenue rate hence it is very important to have customized software that can automate their learning process. Learning management systems have become an important part of the process of designing eLearning content, mainly if the organization has a lot of trainers and a limited number of coaches, so it is important to use LMS to improve the learning process. 

Interactive Learning

Social media when connected with effective LMS, enable the admin to create unique content in the form of interest-based polls, discussions, and survey to keep the users engaged. Digital materials, internet, and devices have made the student life easier by making it possible for them to use their virtual classroom through a smartphone. This interactive learning method totally differs from the usual way of the learning process and people can easily interact with each other by sharing their common interest in social media. This helps to build a good rapport with other people in the organization and assists all stakeholders to share their views.

Measurable Analytics

After the invention of the internet and mobile devices, the learning process has become very easily irrespective of their geographical location, time, money, and more. When your LMS has perfect social media integration, it provides 24×7 support to your employees and motivates them to do their expectations. You can also store information about your learners by properly analyzing their social media activities. You can easily measure learners’ performance and LMS can improve their skill set at a greater level.

Content Outreach

Your content will get more views, the LMS system is integrated with social media which helps people to learn more, and also you can earn the trust of the users. Languages management systems allow users to connect online and when they connect in the online mediums, they can share information in real-time with the help of several social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They will share what they learned using your LMS and what are the practices they went through to deliver effective learning. This can easily improve the online visibility of your content and can increase your sales at a great level and it is the perfect way to connect with your target audience.

Compound Learning

Social media integrates with LMS facilitates learners to learn things in several styles and you can develop many styles of learning materials such as audio, video, and infographics using social media. We can learn many things out of the book and share them with other fellow users in the online medium. You can easily learn things at a fast rate and it enables third-party integration like the mobile app, podcasts, and YouTube.

User-generated Content

Learners who got benefitted from the LMS will share their experience and advantages on social media and this pavé way for the users to learner’s feedback as original content. This type of user experience has the great potential to increase your conversion count and it can easily reach the target audience irrespective of their place. Now social media has become the platform for sharing their journey and achievement to gain publicity from other people. This user-generated content can hopefully promote your products, business, training program, and services.


If you are still confused about incorporating Learning Management System with social media, then do not worry, we are here to help you and you can contact our team of experts. When you do social media integration with LMS then it can bring more benefits more than you expected like increased social media connection, fitting your business expectation, payment integration, and user analytics. If you are not sure about integrating your social media with LMS then you can try some free software available on the internet.

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