5 Simple Ways To Write An Essay On Technology Topic

5 Simple Ways To Write An Essay On Technology Topic

Humans can't live without technology these days. Trying to limit the use of it results in low quality of life. Technology has recently sparked students' attention. Many decide to study various technology branches because it is prestigious and very promising. However, not everyone can endure the pressure of writing assignments on technology topics. If you encounter some trouble writing a technology essay, you are strongly advised to read this article. It unveils the most effective tricks on how to complete any writing task.

Evaluate Your Interests

It comes as no surprise that professors want to make learning engaging for students. For this reason, they tend to give freedom of choice when it comes to essay topics. If your teacher allows you to select a subject, it might be a win-win for you. Not only will you complete the assignment much faster, but you will also enrich your knowledge on it.

However, you should find out what interests you the most. You might have a dozen interests, undoubtedly, which is excellent because it makes you well-rounded and flexible. But the point is, you should assess what can make you wake up at night. Moreover, you should also consider whether you can develop the topic and write an entire paper about it. Simply start with writing the list and then eliminating dubious elements. Brainstorming techniques, such as mapping, freewriting, and clustering, are the best to develop an idea.

Research The Topic

When you come up with the topic, it is time to enlarge your expertise area by researching the issue. Researching is vitally important when writing any paper. Professional writers from WriteMyEssayOnline agree with that statement and say that students often avoid spending sufficient time researching the topic. This, in turn, leads to low grades in the long run.

If you want to succeed in writing an essay on a technology topic, you must devote plenty of time looking for credible sources. They can be databases, reliable journals, government and educational institutions, and libraries. Also, remember that you need to have one source per academic page (double-spaced) by default. This means the more extensive essay you write, the more sources you must include.

Find Strength And Weaknesses

It would be reasonable to add the pros and cons of the technology you are writing about. Such differentiation will show the readers that you are competent and unbiased, which will give you a lot of credit. Still, you must sympathize with the first or second side more. It means that if you write about, let's say, Augmented Reality, you must focus more on either its strengths or weaknesses. Suppose you write an argumentative essay. In that case, you would want to have three body paragraphs regarding its pros and one section with counter arguments. Either way, you will have to debunk the latter. But stating counterarguments and disproving them will make your stance authoritative.

Write A Draft And Leave It Aside

Another great way to write a technology paper is to look at the draft with fresh eyes. If the deadline doesn't push you, and you have enough time to write the first version of your essay and leave it aside, it will help you polish it to shine. The thing is, the attention span of our brain is approximately 20 minutes. The longer we work, the lower our concentration is. 

The brain is like any other device. It must recharge the battery frequently. Leaving aside the work is the best option for that. The most effective way is to sleep with it. Write the paper one day and return to it the other. However, changing your focus for several hours will also do if you don't have that much time.

Focus On Editing

Editing is no less crucial than the writing process. It helps the writer analyze the work, correct mistakes, and adjust the essay to academic rules. Before editing the paper, make sure it follows the proper structure and format. Check whether the paper has:

  • Introduction

    • Opening Sentence

    • Background Information

    • Thesis Statement

  • Main Part (Body paragraphs differ depending on word count)

    • Topic Sentence

    • Evidence

    • Explanation

    • Transition

  • Conclusion

    • Rephrased Thesis Statement

    • Emphasized Key Points

    • Powerful Closing Sentence

When all is good in terms of structure, carefully check if citations are correct. Academic institutions set their own rules regarding the formatting style. Make sure to know them before submitting the work.

When you handle the format, read the piece aloud and highlight everything that doesn't sound right. It can be lexical mistakes, semantics, or grammar. Correct them, copy your text, and drag it into Grammarly. Grammarly is a freemium tool that works with English texts. It analyzes writing in various terms, providing solutions to lexical, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Besides, it explains why such mistakes appear. 

Another handy tool is the Hemingway Editor. It helps make the text readable and straight to the point. The app highlights difficult-to-read structures, adjectives, and, most importantly, sentences containing passive voice. The tool's name approves that it strives to make your writing bold and clear, just like Ernest Hemingway used to write.

Wrapping Up

The tech world is a stunning topic to write about in an essay. There are multiple branches, which makes the industry a treasure chest. If you want to write an impeccable essay on a technology topic, get familiar with the list of mentioned tips. They are easy-to-use and don't require putting lots of effort. Learn more about technologies by following this website.

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