500+ Free High Domain Authority Directory Submission Sites

500+ Free High Domain Authority Directory Submission Sites

The world is now shifting towards the digital era and everything around us is changing to digital. In earlier days of digital marketing, the directory submission process was followed only to increase the website’s backlink profile. Now, a search engine like Google looks for the intuitive UI and the content. If you use the directory submission sites only to enhance your backlink profile then you are probably wasting your time. If you are searching for directory submission sites to increase your brand exposure, this blog will answer what is directory submission and provide you a list of Free High Domain Authority Directory Submission Sites that will help you to get backlinks from various trusted resources.

What Is Directory Submission

Directory submission is an effective marketing strategy in SEO. Using the directory submission technique, you can improve the link popularity and ranking of your websites. It is one of the top of page SEO techniques that allows you to share the information of your brand with your website URL. In the directory submission activity, digital experts submit your website URL to many web directories and business directories and generate high-quality backlinks to increase the ranking of your website. The directory submission sites provide you enough space to include your business name, URL, and information, so your site name will appear everywhere on the web. To do this task, find high-quality directory submission sites, and place your website’s complete information, a description about your brand or products with the correct URL, so your website will gain a high ranking on the SERP listings. Using a Directory submission list, you can easily submit your profile details on a reputed one and increase your brand visibility.

How Does Directory Submission Work

You need to go and list your website on any of the directory submission sites and then the site will approve and it will include your website information into their database. So, when you need to get a backlink for your site it will have positive efforts towards the efforts you have made. It also increases your online visibility and these directories work almost like search engines, but the main difference is search engines have a big database but directories don’t. You need to keep in mind that if the quality of directory submission sites is poor you may end up getting negative SEO.

Free High Domain Authority Directory Submission Sites

List Of Directories


After creating a new website for your business, you need to launch it on the digital media to increase its exposure. You can use this directory submission list to get your business published in digital media. It is one of the best link-building SEO techniques to generate the most powerful backlinks to your website.

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