6 Free Trusted SSL Certificate Providers / Sources

6 Free Trusted SSL Certificate Providers / Sources

In the digital era, having excellent security is necessary for a website to succeed in the long run, All of your website data and information related to the website need to stay confidential. This is the reason that says why SSL( security socket layer) is important. If you customer faces a terrible experience with your website, then they will immediately leave your website and don’t ever visit again.  Hence having a secure website is important for business and you can attain this by using SSL certificates. The purpose of this article is to lets you know about the importance of SSL certificates and about the top trusted SSL certificate providers.

What Is SSL Certificate?

SSL means Secure Sockets Layers, and it is the security protocol that forms an encrypted and protected communication link between a web browser and a web server. If you want to create an SSL connection, you need a certificate called SSL certificate. If you have an SSL certificate for your website, you can make your visitors feel more comfortable and protected.

Importance Of SSL Certificate

  • SSL certificate protects server-client communication

  • It offers authentication to a website

  • It also helps you to attain better search engine ranking

  • It also compatible with PCI/DSS requirements

  • It also improves customer trust and credibility

6 Free Trusted SSL Certificate Providers

Cloudflare: It is well-known for its products that make websites and it is a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It makes websites faster and blocks harmful malware and traffic. It makes the website more secure and it is a security company used by top sites including Moxilia, Stack Overflow, and Reddit. It offers 24/7 support and it blocks millions of attacks every day. The price ranges from $0 to $200 per month. In this option, you can see a single-click SSL feature to send your content through HTTPS. With the help of a single click and all your traffic will go to your website through Cloudflare.

Let’s Encrypt: It is the best choice for a free SSL certificate. it was created by the Linux Foundation. Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate project is sponsored by top companies including Facebook, Cisco, Site Ground, and Mozilla. This option is open source and it is easily compatible with the top platform. It provides DV SSL Certificates for free, but you need to be aware that these certificates are valid only for three months and can be renewed every sixty days. It automatically takes care of renewal and the certificate process is really transparent.

SSL For Free: It is one of the top non-profit certificate authorities, and it works well on all major browsers. It is almost similar to Let’s Encrypt and other SSL certificate authorities and it is compatible with all major platforms. They provide a certificate that is valid for three months. After 3 months, you can renew the SSL certificate for free of cost. Using web cryptography API, they generate a private key in your browser and the key will get deleted after the certificate is generated. Use the latest version of OpenSSL to experience seamless service. Using this source, you can protect user data, gain trust, and improve search engine rankings.

Comodo: It is a top and most trusted SSL certificate provider that offers a free SSL certificate. They provide 90-day free trials for SSL certificates, and they are compatible with all major browsers. With the help of a single certificate, you can cover up to 100 domains. It is particularly designed for MS Exchange and office servers. They provide unlimited server licenses with priority phone support. They also offer an unlimited server license, 24/7 expert support, and up to $250,000 warranty.  It is trusted by 99.9 % of browsers. It provides unlimited server licenses with priority phone support.

GoGetSSL: It is the best SSL certificate provider and it offers a 90-day free trial for SSL certificates. It takes about only five minutes to get your domain validated and there is no need for a callback or face-to-face verification needed. The certificates are compatible with top browsers including Chrome, Opera, safari, and firefox. With the help of built-in SEO, you can drive better search engine rankings. This source protects applications, websites, and all online transactions.

Godaddy: It is a popular platform for web hosting and domain registration, and it also offers free SSL certificates. They provide highly economical choices in SSL certification that are available from the range of $69.99 for a certificate to $89.99 for a Deluxe certificate. You can customize packages as per your requirements. If you are working on an open-source project, GoDaddy will offer you a free SSL certificate that’s valid for a year.


Security is a top concern for all websites, and there are many ways available to keep a website secure. Obtain a certificate from a trusted SSL certificate provider to secure your content and data online.

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