6 Productivity Hacks For Startups To Work Smart In 2023

6 Productivity Hacks For Startups To Work Smart In 2023

Seeing your ideas and hard work come to life is a joy only a few get to cherish. Setting up a new business is one of them. Needless to mention, it is a dream come true moment for entrepreneurs.

But, starting a new venture is not as fun as it sounds. You need to examine all pros and cons of your business model, arrange funds, look after the daily activities of your company - all at once and single-handedly.

As overwhelming as it sounds, it is because most entrepreneurs fail to duly comply with all these tasks that many startups crumble within months from their inception. As per statistics, the failure rate of startups in 2019 alone was 90%!

So, if you are looking forward to venturing into the world of start-ups, here are some productivity tips to help you survive in the harsh market for long:

1. Decrease the duration of your meetings

No, we are serious. Cut down on the time and the number of your meetings to increase your productivity. It may not be very important to you, but if you look closely, you will understand why it is our top tip.

Well, most startups waste their precious time arranging meetings with team members and associates. This kills a lot of time, which could have otherwise been used for doing more productive tasks.

And let's just face it - meetings are boring and if you drag your speech for more than 15 minutes, your employees end up losing interest. It negatively affects their productivity for the day. So, get this straight - fewer meetings, more working!

2. Do not check your emails every day

We understand that your startup is new in the industry that desperately wants to loop in more and more customers and will leave no stone unturned for doing so. But here’s a harsh pill - no one, not even your customers check their emails every day.

There is just no point in spending hours on the laptop daily, religiously going through each and every email. You either go through your emails once or twice per week or automate it, once and for all.

3. Take one thing at a time

Yes, multitasking sounds fun and all but no, it is not suggested for startups. Just think of it - you have laid the foundation for a business; everything is new to you. You would want to take each and every step with utmost care and responsibility because your entire labor of all these years is at stake.

And this is where many startups go wrong! With the wish to accomplish a lot in a short span of time, they take up many things simultaneously and end up losing everything to the rush.

If you think workload is overwhelming you, leverage technology and try to automate tasks at hand. For instance, you can make use of web archiving tools like Stillio for archiving your digital assets, or Mailchimp for automating emails, etc.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Focus is the key to success. Take up one thing at a time and give it your all.

4. Decide your priorities

As the founder of a startup, there will be many things that will demand your attention and dedication. While tackling all of these at once with a rigorous attitude is not possible, hence it is suggested to decide your priorities as an entrepreneur beforehand.

Analyze what are the things that truly need to be attended for the growth of your company and invest your time in that. We all know the most valuable thing an entrepreneur has got is time. So, invest in it wisely and increase the productivity of your business.

5. Hire the ones who aspire

 Whether it's a startup or a well-established business, manpower plays a very important role in the growth of any company. If you fail in hiring such individuals whose goals do not align with that of your company, it adversely affects your business's productivity.

Therefore, another most valuable tip for improving productivity is employing those individuals who are passionate and are keen to help your business in reaching its goal.

6. Fewer work days for the win

Last but never least, reduce your workdays to reach a higher level of efficiency and productivity. Most entrepreneurs fail to comprehend the power of light, and a flexible work environment.

When the work environment is relaxed, with no forced pressure of achieving targets, productivity is multiplied. Remember, all work no play makes Jack a dull boy. And if that happens, productivity will eventually decline.

Over to you…

Startups are trending in today's world. Every other day, a new startup comes into the limelight. But, only a few, productive ones are able to make it big in the market. Here, we cited 6 awesome productivity hacks for startups to work smart in 2021. Give this article a good read if you have a budding entrepreneur in you.

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