7 Steps To Become A Perfect UI/UX Designer

7 Steps To Become A Perfect UI/UX Designer

Are you someone who dreams of landing a job in a well known, well reputed UI UX Design Company such as Techasoft?

Or are you someone who dreams of getting into a startup of UI/UX designing?

Do you want to become perfect UI/UX Designers so as to fulfil your dreams?

If yes, you might be wondering ‘How do I begin?

So, let’s begin from the beginning. Let me first make it clear that UI Designing and UX Designing are two different terms. They are interdependent and similar, but not the same. First let me explain both the terms in detail so as to give you a clear understanding. Below that, I have for you my tips to become a UI/UX Designer.

UI Design — It stands for User Interface Design. This design is about choosing the perfect interface elements to create interfaces that can be easily understood as well as used by users. UI designer will thus have to understand his clients vision and requirements, and prepare a UI design.

UX Design — It stands for User Interface Experience Design. UX designing means trying to improve the experience of the users. While UI is the factor that attracts the user, UX is the factor that retains the user on to the website/application. A UX design will improve the total user experience.

Below Are My 7 Steps To Become a Perfect UI/UX Designer – 

  • Learn The Basics: Knowledge is the first and foremost thing to be considered if you are thinking of becoming a UI/UX designer. It’s not necessary that you spend 3-4 years and achieve a degree, but you can undertake some basic courses to learn the basics. There are various online learning options too such as – Coursera, Linda, Udemy, General Assembly,cetc. Remember that no knowledge goes to waste. Also, keep on reading articles and books related to UI/UX designing. Knowledge and skills need to be updated time and again make you a perfect designer.
  • Develop Your Eye For Design: If anyone tells you that people are already born with an eye for design, repeat after me – “That person is stupid!” Remember forever that practice makes perfect. So, if you are to become a perfect UI/UX designer, first learn the basic principles of design with respect to contrast, colour, typography, balance, consistency, etc. This is a rather important step if you especially wish to become a UI designer. Your next immediate step is to be up-to-date with the current situation and to find out what are the programs, the web design tools which are most in demand. Make sure you are updated on the knowledge of how to use these programs and tools. You should talk, sleep, and eat design, and thus slowly you will start to understand design, which is good, which is bad, how can it be improved, etc.
  • Experience With The Experienced: Once you have got a necessary education, you should try and find opportunities to work under Mentor who are expert UI/UX Designers. Mentorship might not pay you good, but is a great way to learn all the gritty details of designing. By closely following an expert, you’ll then understand what all things it entails. It shall be an exposure for you; it’ll give you an idea of how to go about designing. 
  • Design Prototypes: While mentoring under a mentor, try your hand at designing some prototypes, or rather pseudo projects. This will give you and idea if you can individually design a project or not. Also, as you have an expert mentoring you, you can take their help in improving your pseudo projects. Thus, you can design and slowly perfect those design. This can be later used as prototypes for your portfolio.
  • Create a Portfolio: After you completing your mentorship, you can start up by working a few small jobs. This is a sure way to exercise your skills. To prove yourselves as a good designer, you need to design and show it first. Thus, you can get exposed to end users. For those of you who are more interested in working as a UX designer, this is a good way to work on your communication skills. In this way, slowly you can start to build up your portfolio.
  • Land Your Dream Job Or Start Your Own Business: Now that you are well knowledgeable about designing, you have completed your courses, your mentorship, prepared your own prototypes, created your portfolio, now you can try getting hired in the company you wish to join. You can now land your dream job. Or the other option you have is to start your own business. So, that you can decide for yourself who will be your clients, what designs you’ll develop, etc. In both the scenarios, you’ll with a span of time become a perfect UI/UX designer
  • Keep It Simple: All designers try to develop their creative streak. And it truly is important to keep your designs quirky. However, as a UI/UX designer, the thing that you need to prioritized the most is quite simple – ‘the user’. You need to be in the shoes of your customer and determine what type of application/website you want to design. And no matter what, remember that ‘the simpler, the better’ should be your takeaway always.

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