8 Ways To Reduce The Cart Abandonment Rate In B2B Ecommerce

8 Ways To Reduce The Cart Abandonment Rate In B2B Ecommerce

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There are a large number of online shopping orders that were abandoned in 2022. Websites providing cruise and ferry travel services had the largest shopping cart abandonment rates with a 98% abandonment rate. 

eCommerce shopping cart abandonment is affecting every industry nowadays. One of the ways to reduce this cart abandonment is to apply the right payment link for your eCommerce store that swiftly takes users to the checkout page. However, before applying this, let’s understand cart abandonment in detail. 

What is Shipping Cart Abandonment?

Shopping cart abandonment is when a potential shopper adds items to their shopping cart but drops the process before purchasing. It is an important aspect of the eCommerce shopping process that retailers need to pay attention to.

Wondering why customers abandon their shopping carts? We are going to highlight a few reasons behind eCommerce shopping cart abandonment.

Top Reasons For Leaving Shopping Carts Before Purchasing An Item

* Too High Extra Costs

* Mandatory Account Registration

* Complex Shopping Checkout Processes

* Poor Return Policy

* Technical Bugs

* Payment Related Issues

* Slow Website

* Lack of Security on the Shopping Checkout Page

* No Coupon Code Offered

* Lack of Trust in the eCommerce Store

* Better Pricing Offered by Competitors

In this article, we are going to share proven ways to attract more shoppers through the path to buying. Remember, these tips are practical and actionable.

8 Ways to Reduce the B2B Ecommerce Cart Abandonment Rate 

1. Offer Guest Checkout Options

As a new user, everyone wants to avoid a lengthy registration process. Save your buyers from new account registration. It is advisable to buy without signing up for their user accounts.

Allowing guest checkout will help your customers browse through the products or services and share their details if they are ready.

It is advisable to encourage users to register and log in once they ensure that you provide the maximum value.

2. Device Optimization

More and more smartphones are taking over the internet. Another thing that you need to consider is that the device should be optimized effectively.

It is advisable to follow the responsive design as this will help to add value to your competitor's growth. Make sure that you optimize your website for mobile users. Websites abandoned during shopping carts are opened again on websites.

3. Optimize Product Pages

When online buyers land on a specific product page and abandon it without getting those added to their shopping cart, the eCommerce cart abandonment rate of your product page increases. Users abandon a product page without purchasing as they are not getting enough information that they need regarding the product is not user-friendly.

Adding images and videos of the product would be beneficial. The product page should be clear and easy to navigate for the buyer to add items to their shopping carts.

4. Quick and Easy Sign-Ups

Well, you can't force user registration. But it is advisable to remind shoppers to log in. Make sure that you keep the sign-up process simple and subtle to keep the user's attention.

‘Sign up with Google’ is a strong call to action as shoppers recognize Google. It is a secure and popular way to register on a shopping website. 

5. Add a Strong Call to Action on Checkout Pages

The majority of eCommerce businesses ignore the importance of strong call-to-actions on checkout pages. But, adding call-to-actions on the checkout pages is one of the proven ways to encourage shoppers to complete the purchase.

6. Add Testimonials From Happy Customers

Trust is an important aspect for every customer. With the right testimonials, you can give your customers the confidence to feel safe and trusted when they decide to buy from you. An effective way to build customer trust and confidence is by displaying relevant security icons throughout the process. 

Once customers add products to their carts, you make the shopping process clear to them. It is recommended to be transparent and reliable about all costs including shipping costs, taxes, and any additional charges.

7. Add Options for Multiple Payments

It's no secret that the shopping cart abandonment rate gets lowered if you integrate multiple payment options into your website. Users prefer multiple options when it comes to making payments on your shopping website. 

Keeping multiple payment options increases the user's trust and also offers the convenience of choosing their preferred payment mode.

8. Provide Trust Badges

It's no secret that trust badges have a position impact on the conversion rate and sales of the website. These trust badges make users feel trusted about their credit or debit card information to an unknown website.

This will result in generating a positive impact among the new shoppers. These trust badges improve the overall order value.

Final Words

While shopping on a website or mobile device, customers expect ease of navigation and security. When they expect any kind of unnecessary complex steps, they would likely leave their cart. Offering a smoother checkout, optimizing the product pages, and other features will help lower the eCommerce shopping cart abandonment rate. Follow the above-mentioned ways to reduce the cart abandonment rate on your eCommerce website.

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