9 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Ecommerce Website

9 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Ecommerce Website

WordPress powers 37% of all the websites on the internet as of June 2020, which was merely 13% in 2011. It would be an understatement to say WordPress’s market share is on rise. WordPress is preferred and businesses are specifically opting for it. There are a total 75 million businesses having WordPress Websites. That’s a lot of faith put right in there. Then what is that which makes WordPress so sought after? And why should you, as a business, opt for it; especially if you are into e-commerce?

WordPress was established in 2003, as an open-source Blogging and Website Content Management System(CMS).  Which means you can use it to build great dynamic websites as well as blogs. Initially, it started as a Blogging CMS, and then ventured into Website CMS. This Website creation tool is rather loved by all. As an E-Commerce Website Development Company; we love it too. Not yet convenience that you need a WordPress E-commerce Website? Let us help you. Below are our list of reasons on why you need to use WordPress.

9 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your E-commerce Website:

  • It Is Free:

Getting your own website developed from either an E-Commerce Website Development Company, or a freelancer website developer, doesn’t come cheap. If you are contemplating getting your business website developed, we suggest you check out How Much is the Website Development Cost in India. However, the scene is different if you built your e-commerce website with WordPress. You can download it and set up it for free  without costing a penny. It even provides you a domain registration with ‘’ in your URL.

  • It Is Easy To Operate:

As a WordPress Development Company, we are well versed with all the aspects of WordPress. We have at our disposal a tech savvy team. However, for developing an E-commerce website with WordPress, there is no need of having prior technological knowledge. It’s ok even if you think coding is gibberish, you can still operate it.

  • It Has A Large Community:

WordPress has at its disposal a rather massive community support. So that if you are stuck anywhere and need any kind of help, you have it. Its community forum is moderated by its employees and others. There are even various blogs and websites solely dedicated to let you know everything WordPress.

  • It Has Number Of Themes And Supports Media:

WordPress has a myriad of themes and plug-ins –free and paid – available to choose from. You can select a theme and easily customize your website. As an e-commerce website, you will need to add in number of images and videos to showcase your products. WordPress supports all types of media. It allows for you to drag and drop in images, videos, etc., and even directly type in your content.

  • It Makes Product Customizing Easy:

For and E-commerce website, you require to continuously add or remove or change your products and keep them customized properly on a daily basis. It is necessary to make sure that users can easily find around your products. WordPress is user-friendly, allowing you to easily customize any kind of complex products.

  • It Integrates Prior Websites And Blogs:

If you have a website or blog and later decide to start your online store, WordPress is your answer. WordPress has ecommerce plug-in like WooCommerce, which seamlessly integrate all your e-commerce elements together including your previous website or Blog. So that, your e-commerce website will not even require re-designing, instead it’ll have the same look and feel of your website.

  • It Supports Payment Gateways:

WordPress supports a rather wide range of payment gateways which can be trusted. They include Google Checkout, PayPal, ChronoPay, Worldpay, CCAvenue, etc. The WordPress Plug-ins available especially for e-commerce such as WooCommerce plug-in makes it possible. WooCommerce has pre-installed gateways which include Direct Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery, Cheque Payment, PayPal, and Simplify Commerce.

  • It Helps With SEO:

For an E-commerce Website, SEO is important to get in organic and high intent traffic flowing. WordPress is rather SEO friendly, it solves all SEO related problems for you. Also, there are extra plug-ins which further help you with your SEO. We suggest you try out Yoast for your SEO.

  • It Is Secure:

With increasing cyber crimes and the fact that there are payment gateways through which customers are making payment, security becomes of utmost importance for a E-commerce website. WordPress is very secure and you can keep your WordPress E-commerce website secure by regular updating. There are number of security plug-ins available which you can utilize to give you extra security. Also, there are its hosting platforms are able to handle huge increases in traffic too, making your website completely secure.

The above mentioned points should be reason enough for you to opt for WordPress. And now if you are sure, you can either go for it yourself – of course it’ll take time and efforts – or you can simply hire a WordPress Development Company for the purpose. It’ll cost you much less than getting a customized e-commerce website without the WordPress Platform, and it’ll be easy to operate, secure, and satisfying enough.

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