Amazon's A9 Product Ranking Algorithm

Amazon's A9 Product Ranking Algorithm

About 60 percent of the small and medium-sized businesses sell their products on Amazon. If you want your products to stay ahead of other competitions, you need to understand the Amazon ranking algorithm. In this article, we’ll discuss the Amazon A9 product ranking algorithm that Amazon used to determine your Amazon product ranking. Amazon offers a very simple-to-use interface where sellers can populate all the data related to their product. 

What Is Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing your product listing to appear at the top of the Amazon search listings. It also directly shows in your sales and generates higher revenue. Amazon works almost similar to Google, users mainly click on the first few results and rarely click on a product at the bottom of the page. If you rank on page 3 or lower, you will lose your sales. If your products are not ranking well, then you are going to miss out on a large number of sales.

How Does The Amazon Ranking Algorithm (A9) Work

The ranking of a product is determined by an algorithm called “A9”, which is what Amazon A9 product ranking algorithm uses to show the top results for their customers. A9 is the same as Google’s algorithms in that it considers elements such as keywords when finding the most related results for a given search.

The Seven Ranking Factors That Matter To Amazon A9

If you’re ready to start optimizing your product listing to get a place in Amazon’s search results, you need to know the factors that influence and determine your listing’s performance.

Relevancy To Searched Keyword:

The first thing Amazon does is look at the keyword relevancy. Amazon only wants to add relevant search results that will get people to click. You need to choose the right keywords to make your products to appear in the search results. 


People always love to see the best deal on the online store. If you want to rank well in the Amazon search result, you need to price your products perfectly. If you didn’t have any idea about pricing structure, analyze your competitor’s price listings for your products and keywords. Never overprice your products compared to your competitors because Amazon users always like to take the best deal. 


Amazon wants to rank products that have a higher conversion rate and drive better customer satisfaction. Conversion of visitors into sales is the ultimate goal of Amazon. A great way to earn more conversion is by making sure that your product is relevant to search queries. If your product is relevant to the search query, then more people will click on it. 

Product Listing Completeness:

One of the common mistakes that brands make is not finishing up their product listings. Most brands just add a little piece of information and publish their product. If you want to rank higher, then create a full information product listing. If you offer a brief product description to the audience, then it will make your audience feel more comfortable about purchasing that product. 

Stock Supply:

Incase if you attain a top position in the search listings, you need to remain at the top. If you want to stay in the top position, you must keep your products in stock. Amazon won’t consider your brand if users can't buy products immediately from you. If your product is out of stock, then definitely it will hurt your rankings.

Sales Rank:

Amazon ranks each product’s rating compared to other competitor products. If you go deep into the product details and take a glance at the best seller rating, you will see a variety of categories. This is called a sales rank. Sales rank has a direct connection to the number of conversions you earn. Try to maintain a higher sales ranking to get to the top of the search listings. Reviews: Reviews are an important factor in deciding your ranking. Amazon ranks the products based on the good reviews. People always believe reviews, it is more like getting an opinion from a friend. If the products get top of the search results, then it has four stars or higher review rating.


If you want to generate more sales on Amazon, it is important to pay attention to the above-mentioned factors. Getting to know the Amazon ranking algorithm helps you to drive more sales and generate higher profit. The higher you appear in the Amazon product ranking, the more you will earn.

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