Best actionable SEO Tips to increase your website traffic organically

Best actionable SEO Tips to increase your website traffic organically

The most common problem with people who try to know about the SEO is that they don’t know which information to trust and this fear of theirs is completely reasonable. Even in my personal opinion it is best to verify what you read online.

So in this article I am going to mention some of the most important SEO tips and tricks that will help you to drive more traffic to your website and I have selected these points after a lot of research. You too can validate my point’s offline as just a few moments earlier I said – it’s a good idea to verify what you read online.

But, you should know that driving organic traffic to your website isn’t easy but at the same time it isn’t impossible. You need to put a lot of hard work and effort to drive traffic organically towards your website and at the same time, your efforts will be worth it as it will be the best investment in your website.


The content you put today on your website will continue to drive traffic towards your website – today, tomorrow, next week, next month and may be for serval years. It will keep driving traffic towards your website so it is really important as this Return of Investment doesn’t even come from paid traffic.  So now getting directly to the tips and tricks:

1) Creating the best ContentThe foremost and the best way in which you can drive organic traffic towards your website is to create great content. Publishing everyday isn’t important but what matters is the quality of the content but this doesn’t means you will not maintain the consistency as consistency is equally important. Your website is mostly the first impression on the public of your business and you won’t want it to be a bad one. So, whenever you publish keep in mind to publish the best possible content.

2) Go with the less used KeywordsIf you want to attain good ranks then choose the keywords which are less used. As, if you keep on working on the keywords that everyone uses then there are chances that you will not be able to get a rank as they are highly competitive. So instead spending your time on the competitive Keywords try to work on the less used ones for example if you serve a particular group of people then try to cater to their needs and use similar keywords.

3) Avoid PenaltiesIf someone assures you to drive traffic organically that too with a shortcut then don’t trust them. There is no shortcut to success. Don’t test the limits of Google and stay away from penalties as much as you can. Some tips to avoid the penalties are:

  • Don’t build cheap links.
  • Do not pay for inbound links.
  • Do not publish low quality or stolen content.
  • Publish content that helps the users.

4) Get your Meta PackThe three key ingredients for an optimized website are : Meta title, URL, description. It is simple but effective. Having a Meta title, Meta description means you can tell Google exactly what you want to talk about. Work on each page and use the best tools available to optimize you webpage.

5) Incoming links are an add onEncourage the incoming links. Google prioritizes sites that have incoming links so be open to them and accept them especially when they are from trustworthy sites. The more the incoming links, the better your ranking will be. But be aware as the SEO snake oil salesmen try to trick Google with spammy links from low-reputation sites. Some links can actually damage your SEO.


You must follow these tips for the Optimization of your website – get better ranking and drive organic traffic. Also, remember to blow your own trumpet at times. You can also link your content to your personal social media accounts because if people spend time on your content even via your social media accounts then it will be a clear indication to Google that your content or the information you provided is beneficial to the users.

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