Confused What To Pick? NordVPN Or SurfShark

Confused What To Pick? NordVPN Or SurfShark

When you have an internet connection, staying safe online from intruders becomes a concern. At such times, a virtual private network (VPN) can only help you from external problems.

However, you must choose the right one for your systems. Thus, we have taken this upon us and have provided you with a comparison guide that will help you choose the best one.

We have pitted the very famous two VPNs against each other to help you figure out which one is suitable for you. Our comparison guide is going to be between the NordVPN vs SurfShark.

The NordVPN has been in existence for the last many years and has been used by more than 12 million users. It has various exciting and beneficial features apart from the VPN functionalities. On the other hand, SurfShark is no less, since; it is one of the best VPN services to date.

Now let us begin with the article so that it becomes easy for you to decide on the winner!!!

SurfShark Vs NordVPN

One can surely say that NordVPN is a veteran in this field and has been the best VPN provider of this year. You can think that this is because it has been in existence for a long time. But this is not the case, as NordVPN has been offering the best VPN connection which one can ever imagine.

The application also features the functions which you wouldn’t have even thought of. For example, it supports IKEv2 protocols, Open VPN, secures 256-bit encryption, and has responsive chat.

On the other hand, even though SurfShark is a new VPN it has proven to be the best competition for NordVPN. It has been claimed as one of the best VPNs which can perform every function and that too at a cheaper price.

Features Of NordVPN And SurfShark

SurfShark has a CleanWeb suite for ensuring that malware and advertisements are blocked. NordVPN has CyberSec for the same purpose. Even being the latest VPN, SurfShark works faster when compared to existing VPNs. Both of them have good data encryption, control channel, and authentication.

When coming to the Nord VPNs, it has been on the list of bests and top 10s due to its previous status. Once the servers owned by NordVPN are boosted, then it will start providing a little bit more privacy. It performs amazingly as it can cut the internet speeds by 32%. On the other hand, the SurfShark VPNS can reduce the internet speed only to a half. However, besides, there are certain benefits of both of these over one another.

* NordVPN can be connected to around six systems at once. While SurfShark can make unlimited connections with various systems.

* The devices used to install these VPNs manually are set-top boxes and routers. NordVPN serves its use in 59 countries around the world. SurfShark is at present serving more than 63 countries.

* When using NordVPN, you get features like NAT firewall and Live Chat for 24X7. But SurfShark is only integrated with the Live Chat.

* NordVPN and SurfShark are compatible with different devices and platforms. You can use these VPN's for various software and on multiple devices. The list of devices includes Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

* NordVPN addresses customer issues via the live chat, which is accessible at any time. Its official website also provides guides & videos for installations and other technical issues.

* Long-distance performance is a matter of concern for all the systems. There are times when you connect the NordVPN to a server in Vietnam. In such cases, the downloading speed gets reduced from 78Mbps to 41Mbps. But, even if the speed is reduced, it can still provide you with a clear Skype video call and fast streaming videos. Now moving onto the SurfShark, then this one also gave a very impressive rise from 14Mbps to 40 Mbps. Thus, we can conclude that both of these are having very good speed abilities when in a long distance.

Well, until now, we can say that both these VPNs are very good due to the excellent features incorporated in them. There are slight differences in their functionalities. As such, SurfShark has been a good competitor to NordVPN. Either way, both of them are the finest for cybersecurity in the market.

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