Create Facebook Video Ads For Useful Promotion And Marketing

Create Facebook Video Ads For Useful Promotion And Marketing

While we’ve embraced technology as a by-product of the digital era, it is crucial that our promotional strategies also revolutionize for increased outcomes. A decade ago, television, print media, and other OTT platforms were popular promotional tools but lately, social media marketing has majorly conquered the advertising sector. Since a massive segment of your target audience is active on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, your absence online can cause a loss of many potential prospects. Be it a small-scale start-up or an international corporation, giving your brand a digital flair enhances your reach, engagement, and sales. 

Why Video Marketing On Facebook?

With the expansion of social media marketing, content generation was given an upper hand. It is because of content-sharing platforms like Facebook and Instagram that video marketing took a victorious stride in providing diversity in the online ecosystem. With the lowest Cost-per-click and Cost-per-convergence rate, Facebook boasts over two million advertisers promoting their brands on the platform. Video marketing constitutes a major chunk of these advertisements since image ad funnels can share only restricted information at a time. You can share Behind The Scene videos, product launches, or customer reviews on your Facebook page to raise awareness about your brand. 

The online video maker have also made it extremely easy and hassle free for businesses and content developers to create their own promo videos without putting in a lot of hard work.

How To Create Facebook Ads

Facebook’s user-friendly interface and well-equipped business profiles facilitate the easy making and sharing of wisely engineered ad campaigns. Here’s how you can strategize, execute, and analyze your Facebook ad campaigns through Live interface or Power editor. 

- Login to the advertising manager in your account and click on the “Create Ad” option. 

- List down the objectives of your campaign. It is pivotal that you establish the objectives of your campaign during the strategizing stage. Be it raising awareness about your brand or getting more people to install your app, your objectives must be extremely precise and specific. If you wish to increase the audience engagement rate on your videos, click on the “get video views” option. 

- Give detailed information about your target audience. You will receive maximum convergence rate through your ad campaign only if you seek the attention of people who are genuinely interested in your products. To aim for the correct target group, you must mention the criteria of a potential prospect. Although, segmenting your TG minutely will limit your reach but will help you retain legit prospects and loyal customers.

- Once the campaign is all set, you must export the video onto the application. Ensure that your video is in.MOV format. Facebook allows you to publish a promo video that is anything up to 1gb. Use high-quality footage for your promo video of at least 720p resolution to avoid distortion. The ratio of your video must preferably be 16:9. 

- After you have set your target audience and exported your ad video, you must write a short description for your ad campaign that incorporates a strong Call To Action. A CTA navigates your viewers straight to purchase or in other cases, increases convergence rate. In the description, you can insert the link to your official website or another business profile where you wish to attract traffic. 

You can also use Power Editor to increase your Ad’s reachability since it has more functions as compared to the live interface. It helps you scale your campaigns and strategize multiple projects simultaneously. Moreover, it is flexible and comprehensive and allows you to make the necessary alterations that suit the dynamics of your target audience. 

You can create a mesmerizing ad video for your Facebook community with the help of various Videomakers. Through the application, you can also add transitions and animations to further increase the impactfulness of the video. Your Facebook ad campaign can include multiple forms of marketing videos as per the composition of your target audience and your campaign objectives. Some of the most used ad formats are Testimonial videos, Tutorials, and DIY, as well as Influencer videos. Promotional videos not only help raise awareness about your brand in the online frontiers but also makes your brand more accessible. It is pivotal that you incorporate a logo animation intro in your videos so that your viewers can recognize your brand distinctively. Ad videos are excellent tools for forging a strong relationship with your consumers and audiences. User-generated content improves B2C communication while creating a reliable and trustworthy brand image on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Make creative, intriguing promotional videos with the help of video makers and editors to seize the content development opportunity that the new-age digital space has to offer for the effective branding and promotion of the brand.

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