GitHub Repositories every developer must follow

GitHub Repositories every developer must follow

GitHub is the largest site for hosting source codes with version control. A GitHub is a place where software developers for example the software developers in Bangalore make codes and, Repositories is like a folder for your and software company's projects, where you and even the software development company can store all your project files and you can even store the revision history for each file. With GitHub, every user can avail unlimited number of free repositories which comes with a feature set which is limited and even allows you as a user to collaborate with three other persons or users. The GitHub repositories can even be upgraded to GitHub Pro, GitHub Enterprise Cloud or GitHub Team and the software developer in Bangalore from Techasoft readily available the GitHub repositories.

Over the time GitHub has become an enormous networks with an approximate of 40 millions users and accounts for over 110 million of repositories. GitHub has come up to become so enormous that no developer can help but have good knowledge about GitHub and it’s repositories and every developer must follow some of these repositories and some are mentioned here below :

1 ) Awesome Python – Coming to the repository of Awesome python we find that it contains the online content of top Python libraries, study materials and resources and also frameworks. It basically helps a user to get into details  with python and it is also good to for knowing about frameworks.

2 ) Papers with Codes – Paper with codes is a repository that is updated every week so that you get handy all the research papers which help you implement the codes after learning them and this repository serves the best when it comes to Machine learning or Deep Learning – it has a bunch of paper along with the source codes.

3 ) Free Code Camp – Free Code Camp is a friendly open source where users can learn codes and go through the curriculum. In addition to this, you can even help the non profit companies and it has some great forum which is linked to great community. Here you can learn codes and improve your skills and the best part about this learning is that you even get certified that is you get a certificate after passing a few sections.

4 ) Engineering Manage Resources – This may not be a great repository but it is definitely a good one to go through. It contains a list of engineering manager resources links along with a list of books, videos , podcasts and even articles which you can go through according to your own convenience. In addition to this, here you can also share your knowledge about a particular topic. Your ideas are most welcome here.

5 ) Free books on Programming – On this repository you get your hands on several e-books which are absolutely free for the programmers to avail. Earlier this was under Stark Over Flow but later came under GitHub and proved to be one of the most popular repository. It has over 80,000 stars, 40,000 commits, 20,000 forks and over 800 contributors.

6 ) Tensor flow – It is an open source repository for software developers for numerical computation using data flow graphs. It was developed by the professionals, engineers and researchers working on the Google Brain team within Google Machine intelligence. This repository is good to conduct deep neural research and also for machine learning. Hence, it is also available for python language.

Conclusion - 

There are a lot of options available for the software developers and software company like Techasoft, to select from the GitHub repositories. Each repository serves a different purpose which helps you polish your coding skills and enhance them. It makes you ready for your next job with all the materials available handy and GitHub is so popular that all the repositories are updated regularly so that you don’t have to go through the outdated sources. In this article are mentioned the 6 basic GitHub Repositories which every programmer should know regardless he is a learner or experienced. If experienced he or she must be knowing these. There are still a lot of other good repositories which the programmer may search and research according to what he or she needs.

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