Google Pay Could Soon Let You Gift Gold Using The App

Google Pay Could Soon Let You Gift Gold Using The App


Google pay has become common enough to be found in the phone of almost every other person right now. People now prefer to pay via Google pay as it is as smooth as possible and also easy. People can sit in the comforts of their room and carry out the transactions easily and securely. All they need is the details of the other person. They can pay for food items at shops, stalls , and even pay the uber and ola fares, transfer a certain sum of money to any given bank account and even it’s not necessary that the other person must hold an ATM card or have a Google pay account, even people can recharge, pay electricity bills and even book movie tickets without having to move and to be honest this generation loves to stay in comfort and also  the other big reason that I, my friends and every one else uses Google pay is the rewards we earn via different methods like recently the stamp fever in Diwali which spread like fire and every one was after collecting them and would do transactions whole day just to earn the reward amount.


 Then the reward money we get if we make someone join Google pay is another one reason we force everyone else to join Google pay so that both of us can get rewarded and also the money we earn in the form of scratch cards when we make a transaction adds to the long list of reasons . Besides, all of this Google pay has seriously made our lives so much easier. It doesn’t matters what time it is, whether the bank is open or not we can easily transfer money to any one's account. This wasn’t possible earlier, if the bank was closed no matter how urgent it was to transfer money, we couldn’t and also we had no other option but to wait for the banks to open. But, no more now we have the solution to this problem – and that is Google pay.

Recently it is heard that Google pay will gift it’s users gold as a reward  ( as the news prevails ).  In the new version of Google pay there is a feature which tells that Google pay will be gifting gold as a reward to it’s users soon. The feature may take some time to appear and be available in everyone’s phone for use but it is definitely there. The developers are working on it but there are still no leads that from when this feature will be made completely public and from when it will roll out,  Also the reports state that if the things don’t go as planned then they the developers may be forced to pull the plug on it.


For the time being the Google pay users can securely buy and sell gold (99.99 % pure and 24 karat gold), this feature of buying and selling gold was released earlier in this year (2019) when Google pay joined hands with MMTC – PAMP.  The feature was that, the users will be able to buy and sell gold via Google pay.

As stated by various sources that this gold is stored in Gold Accumulation Plan ( GAP ) and this GAP is maintained by MMTC – PAMP which stores the user’s gold as custodian as long as the user owns it. Every gram of gold stored in GAP is backed by physical gold which means that the user can anytime convert his or her digital gold into real gold.

Also, the gold is sold at the same rate which prevails in the market.


The app has become a particular favorite of almost every other person who does online transactions.

At the fifth edition of its annual 'Google for India' event in September, Google announced that Google Pay has outdone PhonePe to hit 67 million monthly active users (MAUs).

The tech giant says that it grew 3x times in the 12 months before September, driving transactions worth over $110 billion on an annualized basis, with hundreds of thousands of offline and online merchants. 

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