Google Signifies About The  'Experiment' With Search Results

Google Signifies About The 'Experiment' With Search Results

Google as of late revealed some questionable changes to Search for work area stages. In particular, the organization balanced the manner in which it shows supported Search results. While before it was sensibly simple for a sharp client to select from typical outcomes, the most recent changes have made paid and incomprehensible.

Without a doubt, Google is the most reputed search engine. It is used by millions of users every day, even for little things. But, recently the changes Google made, didn’t go down well according to some users. Google had supposedly made changes in the desktop searches, and the users complained that the results became quite cluttered and messed up and they could not make out the difference that which one is ad and which one is the search result. All websites now have these “favicons” next to their search results. Google claims the decision was made to put a site’s branding front and center, but there’s reason to doubt that motivation.

The change made by Google has two faces: One is that it means a higher click-through ad rate and the second face is usually seen by the users that is, who appreciates transparency, the changes are less than ideal.

Instead of ads alone having a small icon to help them stand out, all websites now have these "favicons" next to their search results. Google said that this was made to put a site's branding front and center, but as it didn’t go well with the users they doubt this motivation.


Keeping its users in mind, Google made a number of tweets stating that, the company will be "experimenting" with favicon placements for Search results over the coming weeks. Some users might not see favicons at all, while others will see them in different areas.


Google made a tweet from it’s official account this week ( Jan 2020) that “Last week we updated the look of Search on desktop to mirror what’s been on mobile for months. We’ve heard your feedback about the update. We always want to make Search better, so we’re going to experiment with new placements for favicons.”

However, it was found out that even the mobile users received the favicon icons. In a series of tweets, Google further said that “the early tests for desktop users were also positive. However, the company said that it is “always incorporating feedback from our users.

Then soon another tweet was made by Google. “Our experimenting will begin today. Over the coming weeks, while we test, some might not see favicons while some might see them in different placements as we look to bring a modern look to desktop….,”

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