How To Create A Taxi Booking App For Your Taxi Cab Business?

How To Create A Taxi Booking App For Your Taxi Cab Business?

Over the past decades, the taxi business is growing at a faster rate due to the wider availability of transportation and the ever-growing population. Due to current trends in technologies, everything is made possible in the digital medium and the traditional way of taxi booking is also changed in digital. Taxi business is the best form of business, where you can generate a large amount of revenue with simple investment. If you are an entrepreneur or taxi driver and if you think of starting a taxi business, then use a taxi booking app for your trade because it is more convenient and hassle-free than call center booking cabs. If you adopt this kind of technology in your organization then you can get numerous customers and can easily earn their loyalty just like Uber services. To build an extra-ordinary taxi booking app, employ a qualified cab booking Development Company and ask them to develop the application as per your needs and requirements. Techasoft is the famous mobile app development company and they are experts in offering application development solutions to a wide range of top companies.

How To Create A Taxi Booking Application?

To give a seamless experience in the taxi business then you should have the following features in your application.

For Passenger Application


This is the mandatory feature to be available in the application and it can directly register with Google, Facebook and other social media which will encourage the passenger to enroll easily into your application. The register system should ask only minimum details such as name and age, then it should have a password recovery option to encourage the random sign-ups.

Track Drivers

The application should track drivers’ live location and it should show the name of drivers, and the vehicle registration number. After entering the trip, the app should track the location of the vehicle to protect the passenger from the dangerous situation and it should show the availability of drivers after logging in. The location should run on the background after entering into the journey.

Fare Calculator

The fare calculation should be genuine in order to earn the customer’s loyalty and it should be calculated based on the distance between pickup and drop location. The fare calculator should have the following four components: base fare, cost per minute, cost per mile, booking fees and cost should be calculated based on the information given by Google API.

Select Cab Type

This option should be in the application so that the passenger can select the type of taxi as per their need and requirements. It should display the data such as price per km, the price per minute, price on rest, minimum fare on below each type of taxi

Payment System

 It is the main part and it should have several add payment methods like UPI, google pay, debit card, credit card, and cash. Then it should have an automatic payment system to give a smooth experience to passengers and you can also charge minimum charge on booking irrespective of the journey is canceled or taken. Then the invoice can be sent in the digital form through email or SMS with the details journey and fare cost for the journey.

Review And Rating

This feature helps the organization to understand the nature and behavior of the driver and you can provide a discount on their trip based on their reviews and rating. This helps to build a better relationship with customers and the organization which can easily earn the trust of the passengers. The rating system can encourage the driver’s sense of control and security.


You should also include driver-oriented features on your application, due to the increase in competition in this sector, it is mandatory to have a good digital app to facilitate the booking. This can be done by professional app development and you can choose the best app development company according to your budget.

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