How to do SEO on a one page website?

How to do SEO on a one page website?

Single pages website means you have to put all your content and information in a single page because that single page is your whole website. Moreover in recent times, the single page website is gaining popularity increasingly. This single page is designed with graphics and is streamlined in a fancy way. The single page is divided into multiple sections which serve as menu for the visitor of that site so that he or she can directly jump to the part that he or she needs to know.

When your website is of a single page, you also have to take care of the ranking and keeping that in mind you need to put the keywords.  

When does the single page website prove to be the best?

Single page websites prove to be the best when there is a need to create an urgent website or say temporary websites for collaboration. Moreover, if you have a single page website then you should pay special attention to the way you set the things up. As, if you don’t pay proper attention to the way the things are arranged it may become unorganized, clumsy and untidy and it may even fail to attract the visitors. So special care is to be taken while organizing a single page website.

How to optimize a single page?

Now coming to the main part of this article that is, how to optimize a single page. Follow the points mentioned to optimize your single page website:

1) Organizing different content sections: You got only one page so you need to be careful while organizing content. Divide it into different sections and treat every section as an individual web page. Provide only the important information and try not to fill it with extra and not so worthy content. You need to be selective and creative at the same time so that the visitors feel attracted towards your page.

Before you start writing your content, you need to do some keyword mapping in other words you need to select the keywords according to the rank you desire and assign every keyword with a proper I’d this will help you to get better ranking. Once you are done with the keywords now proceed with the other task that is to give head lines, copy, put images, alt tags to every section and the other SEO signals.

2) Fresh and Dynamic Content: Optimizing a single page is difficult and at the same time limited so aligning fresh and dynamic content with the current events is a good idea, to optimize the page and it will even allow you to get better ranking. Moreover, if your company has only one website that too a single page website then updating and changing it’s content from time to time will help.

3) Optimizing the Page Speed: When it comes to Search Engine Optimization of a single page website then, the optimization of the page speed becomes an important part. As all your content is arranged in a single page in different sections and layouts the page may take time to load and users aren’t a fan of pages that take time to load so try to optimize the speed of your page.

4) Anchor Links: Google looks at your anchor Links. To clear it – anchor links are different from the anchor texts and they take you to a specific place within a website. Sometimes, Google mentions the anchor links of a page as it’s site links, as seen in certain rankings, so including anchor links in your text is also not a bad idea to optimize your one page website.


Single page websites are good and effective when it comes to some special promotions and collaborations but may not be a good long run solution. But, if you are relying on a single page website then you may take help of the leading SEO company like Techasoft. Taking help from these SEO companies for designing your website may make your website appear better, work better, get optimized and it will also help your company’s website to attain a better ranking.

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