How to find best Google Trending keywords for Organic Website Traffic

How to find best Google Trending keywords for Organic Website Traffic

Keywords play a vital role for any article or blog post in order to attract organic traffic towards a website. And Google considers only the best keywords and shows search results based on them.

In other words, one needs to know how to find the best trending words for google to generate website traffic.

Google utilizes keywords as an important SEO ranking factor. Use the best and right terms or keywords and you will be visible in Google’s search results.

So, how to find the best Google Trending keywords for Organic Website Traffic? Well, firstly, ‘context’ is key! Understanding what to write and the words will follow through.

Before finding the best keywords, first understand for who you are writing for? who their customers are and what are the goals?


Google actually uses a tool called Google Trends that helps in finding the best keywords to generate Organic Website Traffic.

Google Trends will help you in way that you cannot imagine. It helps in learning about the audience you are writing for and find the best keywords and search terms to increase more traffic.

While discovering relevant keywords for your content, you will likely notice that the search volume of those keywords varies greatly.

Though you definitely want to target keywords or terms that your audience is searching for, in some cases, it may be more advantageous to target terms with lower search volume because they're far less competitive.

The reason I keep stressing on the point that you need to know who your audience is and what is the context is because keywords differ based on the topics.

There are separate set of keywords for a marketing blog, business keywords, health and wellness keywords, finance keywords and so on.

  For Example, if you are writing for a website that sells electronic gadgets, then the best keywords to gain organic traffic will be terms like:

  • Cell Phones
  • Laptops (different brands available)
  • LCD Monitors

  Another thing that web searchers will look for our keywords such as costing, discount, best brands, uses and so on.

Google trends helps to freshen up your content and boost traffic towards your website by providing you with the best keywords that Google finds relevant.

Only if the keywords mentioned are considered relevant by Google, will the content you write be available on the web.

Focusing only on popular keywords is not enough because the competition is too high.

You need to grow your audience and not waste time and money on unqualified traffic. You target the terms in organic search optimization and through your pay-per-click campaigns, and acquire as much of that Web traffic as possible.


Like I mentioned, Google Trends helps in freshening up your content and at the same time it also shows you a graph of the possible keywords to use as per the audience.

Google Trends tell you how popular a keyword is, not just on a particular day, but even those keywords that have been popular for decades.


There is also something called a “Keyword Planner”, a part of Goggle Ad’s. This tool gives you a list of how often certain terms are looked and how those searches have changed with time.

This way you can narrow down the list of keywords you would like to use. Keyword Planner helps you find the right keywords for your business.

Use a Keyword Research Tool to find the right keywords for your content. The aim is to get featured on the web which only be possible if you use the best and trending set of words.


Don’t be so shocked. Current affairs, in other words News does matter. Again, Google Trends comes in handy here as well.

As soon as you use Google Trends, it will give you a list of trending topics. For example, if you are asked to write about America’s recent political affairs, there is no doubt that the most important keyword will be “Donald Trump”.

As a content writer, you have to know what is trending and what isn’t. In other words, you have to knowledge about all that’s happening around you.

To sum up, these are the ways to find the best Google Trending Keywords for Organic Traffic. Research is key!

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