How To Reduce The Spam Score Of A Website

How To Reduce The Spam Score Of A Website

What Is Spam Score?

The spam score is the most important part of a website and it plays a very important role in ranking on the Google search engine. Spam scores represent the percentage of spammy sites and penalized sites connected with your website. If your website spam score is high or the spam score of your website is increased then it results in several disadvantages.  Increased spam score does not mean that your website is spam but it represents the percentage of penalized users connected with your site. 

You have to put some effort and invest in the investigation into the quality and relevancy of the site. If you are not aware of spam scores then you are going to face some difficulties with your site in the future.

Website Spam Score Checker

How To Check The Site’s Spam Score?

website spam score checker

Checking your site’s spam score is a very easy process and If you want to check your score, you can check the spam score of the website using tools such as Google spam checker, Moz toolbar, and much more.

How To Check Spam Score Using Google Spam Checker

Download the Moz extension on your Google Chrome account and then press on the spam score of the website.

After clicking the link on the spam score and then it will redirect you to the Moz website.

Create a text file of spammy links and save them on your desktop.

Choose the text file you want to check and submit it.

How To Reduce The Spam Score Of A Website

Spam score has been initially developed by SEO data and Moz to measure the quality of the website. It represents the spam score of any site as per the points of spam flags, which live between numerical values 0 to 17. If the spam score of the website goes to 17, then it denotes that Google has blacklisted the website hence your website will not be visible in the search results.

If your spam score lies between 1 to 4, then there is no harm to the website but you have to take care of your website in the coming times. If your website gets a spam score between 5 or 6 then Google will send a warning for your website. If your spam score lies between 7 to 8 or more, then he should change his domain and modify the mistakes. If your website has a higher number of backlinks and spam score then it will result in Negative SEO.

What Is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO refers to the building hundreds or thousands of links that are spammy to your website and pointing links to your website using keywords such as poker online, play rummy, and much more. If you remove valuable backlinks from the website then it results in Negative SEO.

How To Reduce The Site’s Spam Score?

The primary reason for any site’s rise in this spam score is due to spammy links and if your site has low-quality backlinks then there is a chance of a high spam score on your site. Hence you should avoid using low-quality backlinks and broken links on your website. Some website users make more links in a single day, it leads to more spam rates of your website. In order to reduce the spam score of the website, then we should have to find out the spammy and low-quality links that are connected to your website and should be removed by making a list of such links.

What Causes Spam Score?

The following are the causes of the spam score.

Low Moz Rank:

The Moz rank of any website or blog only happens when there is a tremendous amount of incoming links and more low-quality links which denotes that there are no such trustworthy backlinks on the blog or website.

Site Link Diversity Low:

Low site link diversity means that the site has very few links or the number of referring domains is very less. If the link diversity is low then its spam score is also increased to a higher amount. If you want to decrease the spam score then increase the referring domains.

Large Site With Few Links:

If your website is more than three years old and it has more than 500 articles then it is called a big site. If there are only a few links on such a website then spam rate is increased to a tremendous rate.

High Anchor Text Ratio:

When building backlinks for your website, you should give importance to anchor text because if you get more branded links, then it negatively impacts the SEO ranking. We should make branded links very less and if it is not built it is good because they affect the anchor text ratio. Due to the formation of such excessive links, the spam score is increased to a higher amount. To avoid this kind of difficulty, 1% -10% should develop backlinks for anchor text only.

Do-follow And No-follow Links Proportion:

The backlink proportion of any site impacts the site score to a greater extent and if you want to reduce the spam score, create backlinks in the proportion of 50% Dofollow and 50% Nofollow links. 

A Large Number Of External Links:

If external links are added to your site, there is a possibility of spam score getting increased.

For example, if you have a 1000 words post, then you should add only one external link.

Thin Content:

Google algorithm will find sites with poor quality content and give penalties to that kind of site. If your website has low quality, content that is copied, etc will lead to increased spam score.

Anchor Text Heavy Page:

If a more number of external website links are used on many blog posts in the anchor text, then it will lead to Anchor Text Heavy Page, which increases the spam score.

No Contact Information:

If your site does not have details about contact information such as owner email, social media profile, physical address, etc will lead to increased spam score.

Domain Name Contains Numerals:

A website that has numerals such as 123, 42, and much more are added to the website, then they are flagged separately for Moz spam score.

TLD Correlated With Spam Domains:

If a website is created on a subdomain, then it will have a very high spam score.

Domain Name Length:

If your websites have a high domain length then it comes under in the category of spam. 

External Links In Navigation:

Websites whose menu, footer, or sidebar are linked to external websites then the site spam score will increase. There are some website factors that caused the website’s spam score to grow.

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