How To Write Headlines That Get High CTR

How To Write Headlines That Get High CTR

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.”

This statement by David Ogilvy surely resonates with the top business players. Of course, I said the top players, because those who underestimate the consumers won’t be winning the game. Its 2020 and your wife, I mean the consumer has advanced much along with the technology. People today have all kinds of technology at their disposal. They are spoilt for choice and it’s no longer that easy to manipulate the consumer in buying what you want to sell. Also, everyone is online today. And where there are customers, business will undoubtedly flock in. 

Thus, online platform for advertising business has become a norm today. For example, Google offers Google Ads which is an online advertisement platform. The businesses who wish to display their ads on the platform, have to pay that platform in either of two ways – ppm or ppc i.e. pay per impression or pay per click. It indicates the payment on the basis of how many users have viewed the ad and how many have clicked on it. This is where CTR comes in the picture

What is CTR?

CTR is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. It stands for Click-Through-Rate. The CTR measures the total clicks that the advertisers get for their advertisements per the total number of impressions or views. 

An higher CTR is important for any business advertising, as the clicks will lead the traffic to your website, which will then be converted into customers. When it comes to CTR, whether an internet user is going to click on your advertisement mostly depends upon the headlines which you give to your Advertisement.

How to Write Headlines that get high CTR?

Choose the most fitting keyword: Optimizing is an integral part of digital marketing. If you want to be found on the internet, you need to include various keywords within your content. Same goes for the headline. The best approach is that instead of  using many keywords, select a single most befitting keyword which you think your audience will be searching for when wanting to buy into you.

The short, the better: When it comes to the length of your, it’s better to keep it concise. Headline limited to 55 to 65 characters or about 6 to 8 words is the best. Readers don’t exactly read your complete headline, they scan it. So, try not to go beyond 10 words. 

A direct address: If you want the online platform user to click on your advertisement and interact with you, the best way is to directly address the reader through your headline. Don’t use third person here. The headline should feel like a direct address to the reader, this will tempt them to click on that link as they feel the headline is more personalized for them.

Go Colloquial: David Ogilvy, a British Advertising Tycoon said this – “I don’t know the rules of grammar… if you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular”. A century later, his words still hold true. If you use the language the audience understand rather than using some difficult words, it’ll get you more CTR.

Think Emotional Connect: Emotions make a human, so don’t be afraid to tap on to the emotions of the readers. Make sure to create an Emotional connect with the readers with the Headline itself. If the readers get the feels on reading the headline, the chances of them clicking through also increases.

Winning with numbers: Inclusion of numbers in the title is a proved way of increasing the CTR. Including numbers within your headline is a winning strategy for CTR. Its best to use numbers in between 1 to 10 as this gives a feeling of things being condensed down and concise. 

Questions to pique the curiosity: The person using the internet is searching for something. If in search of an answer, a person will mostly be asking questions rather than making statements. Humans are inquisitive by nature and if we present ‘Wh’ questions in the headline, we can pique the curiosity of the reader. This indicates that use of question words within the headlines is a way to get high CTR.

Yes! Those marks work!: Use of punctuation marks within the Headlines is another factor responsible for higher CTR. The ‘brackets’, ‘Hyphen’, ‘Question mark’, etc. can be used to make the headline more interesting and attention grabbing.

Never say never to ‘no’: Negative words seem to have more impact on the readers rather than positive superlatives. Positive words such as ‘best’, ‘most beautiful’ ‘strongest’, etc may sometimes seem boastful. Instead negative words such as ‘mistakes’, ‘not’, ‘no’, etc. seem more impactful.

These were my tips on how to write headlines that get high CTR. However, for advertising CTR is just the beginning. Headline will only lead the potential consumers to your website, the content within the website, how you promote it are other aspects relating to digital marketing which are in consideration. We at Techasoft, are a Digital Marketing Company specializing in and providing our services in Digital Marketing offering relative business solutions.

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